vrijdag 29 november 2013

29 nov: Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco

 Robert wanted to visit Amoeba Records as today is Record Store Day, so we went to Haight/Ashbury, where also some other recordshops were located. Walking to "lower Haight" (the other direction from the shops) for some recordstores, we were blinded by all the gorgeous Victorian houses we saw everywhere!

some houses had unbelievable detailed features

one of the many stunning stained glass windows we saw

First recordshop + first Vespa :-)

Too much choice! (with a staffmember that said: "3rd time here allready? Better move here!")

Black Friday lining up around the corner: shop was behind the tree on the right
 Maybe because of black friday, it was pretty crowed on the street but not annoying. Got a very good and strong coffee and we walked up to Amoeba together (end of the street) enjoying the scenery.

I left Robert here and started shopping. Finally I had the time AND the energy to go in every shop I wanted and try on everything I liked. I knew Robert was happy in Amoeba and I was chilling out trying a gazillion floral dresses.
After about one and a half our he called and I walked back up to the big Whole Foods (expensive but nice) where we picked out sandwiches, salad, humus and enjoyed our lunch in the sun. It was one of the best lunches ever, not only because it tasted good. We thought we heard one of the streethippies say he didnt have dogfood anymore so we walked up to him and offered to buy him some, but he said he still had enough. he was pleasantly surprised and I asked to get him something and he asked for a herbal tea :-D

enjoying a fab and healthy lunch outside Whole Foods, the sun, the company, the scenery, and life <3
 Being the 3rd visit to San Francisco, I'm not shocked by all the homeless people, weirdos, streethippies etc anymore (they're everywhere) but it still kinda puzzles me. First of all I'm gratefull that I dont (have to) live on the street, also, there's so many of them! they dont all look like bums... some look very """normal""" but cary big old bags with their belongings or push carts. Or the woman that looked totaly """normal""" untill she stuck her arm in the trashbin to fish for cans. Some look like they really need help, others look like they're just hippies and just dont go with the flow.
Anyway, like last time, no one steps up to you to ask for money. (or maybe I look like I dont have any)
floral floral floral floral dresses (not curtains)
 we walked back to the busstop on Masonic(street, ave, blvd, something) and got in some shops again to ask Robert for advise. his first reaction "really, MORE FLORAL DRESSES??!!" yeah, why?

nice shop with pretty dress that didn fit :-/

Nice shop with pretty shirt that did fit :-D

When it got dark the street seemed to fill up a bit more with shady people (during the day I didnt feel unsafe or anything) so we decided it has been a nice day and get back on the bus (that got twice as expensive since last time we were here, if my memory serves me well?? >> still cheap, just saying, before that gets back to me :-D )
Maybe a 15 minute ride back to the last bus stop and then another 15 minute walk to the hotel.
Now we need to get some food somewhere but Robert felt asleep on the bed. Oh look who woke up while I wrote this!!!

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