woensdag 12 juli 2017

june 24 Alsasua Spain - Geneva(ish) Switzerland.

Got to the supermarket next door again to get breakfast and snacks, we had a quick and great (and cheap) breakfast before we started the long trek through France.

I doubt thats a bicycle lane, along the highway :-) (maybe its allowed in Spain)

it took me a few days to realise whats up with this sign... thats not in Spanish, it's Basque!
Sad that we had to leave Spain behind so soon, but happy that we were back a country with slightly less adventourous communication.
The first part to Bordeaux was boring again, very flat, but then we “took a right” and drove towards Lyon, eastwards. Quickly the scenery changed, and it kept changing, but untill we drove into the gorgeous Jura mountains in the evening, it was just picture book perfect France. Apparently this is the Dordogne. Stunning countryside, with hills, woods, streams, little villages, castles on top of hills, brown cows in fields. I can just imagine people on bikes with french breads. Sometimes green hills, other times a valley as far as the eye could see with mountains in the distance.

One of the awesome things we saw was an ancient volcano, that really showed the round crater on top of it, and other volcanos around it. Pretty neat!

we listened to some music, got Robert B hooked on the Bottle Rockets :-D (loved to half sleep and listen to Brians voice by the way)

Also a new never ending stream of tollbooths. We also invented Toll Boots and Tol bots. ("Give-me-your-money-beep")
Level of silly kept climbing. The Roberts thought it would be fun to just climb through the window and over the roof for changing the driver. Bonus points would be a traffic camera at the point that one of them would be sitting on the roof. Great idea!
As some of you might have noticed that a lot of silly updates FB came from me n the road. Yeah yeah, I joined the darkside.  I’m happy that I can make silly updates and fool around with it, but on the other hand I dont like how it distracts me. But hey its only for this tour.... I always only use free wifi anyway.
Also a big thank you to the superpatient Anne who walked me through the use of these things :-) Me old fart!

We made a few stops, and if theres one thing I dont like about France is their PUBLIC TOILET yuuuuuckkk.... no details, and these were not even the worst ones. Anyway.
Always a crime to get out of the car and to get back on the back seat. I’m totally stiff and sore esp after that polar late night Fogetry party last night (that came after long trips and short night before that) Starting to feel a bit weird as soon as I get on my feet. The earth feels shaky, I assume its my knees that are weak.... Anne and I realised that we officially turned the backseat into a warzone now with colothes and hoodies and food and  books and bags and diaries everywhere. (but we're no pigs: we have a trashcan)

Ofcourse we had to leave the highway for a detour, we didnt pay attention and ended up driving cirlces in some tiny sleepy village near Lyon before we finally found the way back. After that we decided to get some food, so we took the first “exit” for a truckstop restaurant, but it was closed due to renevation. (please, dont be bothered to say so on your highway sign!) The next one 50 kms later really was off the highway, but there WAS no restaurant. It did have a spectaculair view on the mountains with a lake though!

There were only tiny villages because we were in the mountains, but at least we had enough gas. We drove on and decided to take the first one that did NOT say restaurant, and that ended up with a great meal for all of us :-D and they had the cleanest toilets so far!

we were almost at our hotel now. We’re going to see Johni n Switzerland tomorrow, but it was cheaper to stay near the border in France (F1, check) much to our suprise we all of a sudden were confronted with the Swiss border! and, a flock of border patrol people that were bored and flagged us over! they asked a lot of questions.... maybe it was our “we came from France! oh wait, we came from Spain!” that made us suspicious. The were speaking French but we were not sure if they were French or Swiss nor where we were. We could hear them discuss about wether or not they were going to take us aside and search our car. Ofcourse we didnt have any illegal stuff with us, but just the delay it would cause! It probably didnt help much either that I asked them "where are we?"
We held our breaths and thank god we could go on.
Next problem :-) we were in Switzerland but we had to be in France. But you gotta love Europe, within 5 minutes the same highway brought us back in France :-D

We found the hotel perfectly fine. Its a nice hotel if you’re trafeling trough, or if you like the hostel experience haha. For now we were here because there were no reasonable other places in the direct near distance. Oh well the beds are good! Again, we were shocked when we entered, but it all works out in the end. And we had to *buy* a towel. We needed brutal powers and duct tape to open the window, but we fixed it.
standing in the doorway :-)

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