woensdag 12 juli 2017

June 22 Hasselt - Bordeaux(ish)

Lets drive to Spain! Everyone we told we were going to drive instead of flying, looked at us with faces that said it all. On the other hand, they're not Million Milers, and nothing beats a road trip. We're driving to Spain because it would be the easiest solution of some logistic problems.Vehicle of choice: Robert B’s hybrid Volvo, equipped with lots of functions and buttons I’d only expect at the Starship Enterprice or random UFO. Ready for the first few hurndered of miles,

Find the Eiffeltower....

This is a very warm day. To our surprise, the GPS sent us straight into the Periferique of Paris. Not only did we see the Eiffeltower, it was also totaly constipated, and while driving slowly trhough one of the many tunnels, temperatur rose untill a scorching 41°C/105°F. Anne and I entertained ourself on the backseat with acting goofy, chatting and chilling, and we finally found a name for the crochet teddybear I bought in Paris 2 weeks ago; Jacques de Paris!

It was quite a long drive, we made a few stops, we uninentially went to Tours :-D and we admired the extremely boring French “West”.

Robert A and B take turns on driving (my driving isnt good enough yet) and Robert B made an hotspot on his phone so we could get online via him.

The Volvo turned out to be extremely fancy. We name it "the button car" He even gives you a warning when you start zigzagging a bit too much "you are tired! take a break!" the only thing it doesnt do, is make us coffee. We're dissapointed.

It's about 10 hrs drive "netto".... and we're not even in Spain. We forgot that we were going to spend the night in a F1 hotel, ohno! (worst prepaired trip ever, glad Robert B did a lot of good work)
If you're not familiar with F1, its basically a hostel type of hotel with double and tripple rooms, with common bathrooms in the hallways. The double rooms we had, were very spartan, very hot, very small, and the provided towel had the size of a tissue.
we were a bit grumpy first, but hey, we were there, and we're going to make the best of it. The room arrangements for the rest of the trip would be; Anne and me, and the Roberts together.

we were hungry and just around the corner, in the middle of no where, was an all you can eat asian restaurant, so we did our best. Guess who found the french fries! I almost got frogleggs on my plate because I didnt read the french name. Ahh!!! Completely full we crawled back to our rooms. Opened the door and window for fresh air, what worked very well, and I installed Facebook on my smartphone. I'm not a fan of smartphones, I normally only use mine to call and text, but hey, on tour, and with nonstop free wifi via Robert B, I thought, why not.
It meant that Anne had to walk me through the whole thing. There were functions and "buttons" on my phone I never used. I felt stupid and old, maybe karma, as I asked her earlier "do you remember cameras with film?"

Because of the hot weather, a lot of people opened the doors of their rooms, what gave me a very nice and comfy feeling. We also opened the door, and we didnt feel unsafe one moment, being two women alone, with all these strange men walking by. In fact everyone that passed and saw us, friendly said hi. We watched our neighbour across the hallway getting locked outside in his underwear, desperately trying to open the door (very annoying locks) He had to wait for his friends to come back, and we quietly made fun of him.

We talked and laughed way too late into the night, but we had a better sleep than we thought would have.
sunset as seen from our room

picture credits: me and Anne

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