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Fogerty in Hamburg, May 30 / 2

Yesterday we arrived at the Stadtpark around 11, driving through the big city Hamburg is, lots of stuff to see. The weather was stunning; not too warm, and perfectly sunny. This was at least the 4th time John played this venue, the venue itself is nice, but the standing in line is a bit annoying here, partly because theres another gate on the other side of the venue. I felt excited walking up to the entrance. we're here again! Fogerty time! Creedence and Fogerty are in their own universe, you cant compare it with anything else. we were supposed to meet the others there but some of them were still sightseeing the harbour. Svenja and her friend Benjamin were already there, as well were... a flock of dutch Bruce Springsteen fans! they were surprised there was nobody there yet when they arrived at 10am, we were surprised there were allready people there.
We also met a nice Swedish couple! even managed to speak some swedish words with them :-)
When Baltasar, Antje and Peter S arrived, we went for lunch somewhere in the park. we found a restaurant at the waterside, very nice, we had a nice view on all sorts of boats that came by.

(oohhh we saw a little deer along the highway! not exactly a moose, but still :-)

anyway... small boats and big boats and riverboats and canalboats and everything that floats, floated by. I felt a bit jealous that we couldnt join them! Food was good, but because of a small communication error, I ended up with two big plates in stead of a salad and "some potatoes on the side" :-D

around 14.00hr we went back to the gate and there were some other old friends like Bernard from France.
More and more people showed up and I spent most of the time chatting about fan stuff with the Springsteen fans, and reading On the Road (yeah, after being "on roads" for 24 years, finally decided this would make a nice reading on the road)
It was a bit weird to be there without people like Uwe and Martine and especially Anne and Alessio. Missed you, guys!!
picture by Svenja Terzenbach

I saw Bob F  leave in a van and looked at the plates, it was a local one. after a while, a different one came back so I didnt pay attention, and then... the band came out! I was just standing there "guys, the band. Guys, the band. GUYS, THE BAND" but everyone just stood there; I wanted to say Hi to Kenny and Bob and meet the new guys, but because no one even moved, I got confused, and when I finally decided to walk up there, they were gone. Bummer!!! also, slightly a sign that things have changed I guess... there were times when everyone would have walked up to the band to say hi. When we were eating, we talked about this too, the band changes so quickly, that it looks like fans cant keep track on it anymore and somehow care less. I mean by the time you get their names and decide they're awesome, they're gone. :-(

Funny stuff happening at the gates: two women tried to jump the line and the dutch sprinsteen fans didnt really dare to say something about it!!! some Germans werent, it almost turned into a fight, unfortunately.
More and more friends showed up, more chatting, more Bruce stories. Bruce fans are funny people :-D and Bruce himself is quite the piece of work I believe!! but hey, I'm glad you dont have to line up THREE DAYS ON FOREHAND at a Fogerty show!!
we were getting nervous... tried to assure ourself that we've been doing this so many times and that it almost always goes right, so we shouldnt worry. Standing there getting so extreme nervous, trying to calm down a bit, but I'm pretty sure, if i'm ever going to get an heart attack, it will be in line for a rockconcert 10 minutes before the gates open!!

I've been doing this for 17 years now and still always forget the same stuff (like some plastic to sit on) and still have the same trouble arranging my purse and bag the right way. every second counts as you get in, security has to be able to get through your stuff quickly. But its always good to hide your camera behind some tampax :-)
When the gate finally opened, right away it was clear we made a major mistake, and that it has been too long since we've done this. (and also, that the security was not very smart) They blocked each gate with red/white ribbon, and when the gate opened, they still had to cut it... and you cant just rip it... there goes the seconds. Neighbour gate opened way quicker and people passed me by way too quick. Robert and I realized that we normally always pre-cut the ribbon ourself, so it will open quickly when the time is there. Too late now. when the other ran in, people behind me started pushing and trying to get pass me. People started pushing back and chaos was there, so the security decided to stop us all. I looked up and saw people running in from everywhere. When we finally were let in, I experienced a big anti climax. Robert ran in trying to get a good spot, and he was able to get one at the front, but way way at the side. Still, at the front, though, but I was so pissed off about what happened at the gate. We just had the worst spots of everyone we've been waiting with all day. I guess this is a good case of "it ALMOST always goes right"  Also I was pissed off because this was the only normal concert! If this would have been one out of 10, I would be totally ok. (and I also dont like it if people who jump the line get a good spot)

ah well, the sun was still shining, I was at a Fogerty show, with Robert, with a lot of friends, and the Stadtpark venue is very nice once you're inside. I went for a walk and a drink, it all felt pretty good. Then had some more nice conversations with friends and my mood went up fast.
Pete Braun and his wife, and KP arrived shortly after us, and were standing directly behind us, though we had been making big fun of them as they were only able to leave home around 1pm, and had to drive pretty far. We've been joking all day "do they know the concert is today and not tomorrow?" and "if he's quick we'll have a drink with him after the show"

I sat down untill the show was about to start. pre-show music was partly same as always, wich is cool in a way. We've been listening to What I like about You for 17 years now :-) No matter where I am, if I hear that song on the radio, my heart starts beating faster. Fogerty!!

The concert started at 7.30, and it kicked off with a rocking Travelin Band, one of my favorites. Started to dance and sing along, but the fact that I could hear myself sing along, as I was the only one, slowed me down again. oh dear, was it going to be one of those gigs?
John seemed to be in a good mood most of the time. We did see him make some gestures to the side maybe "volume up!!!" haha but other than that....
and then ofcourse, the new bandmembers. Just the fact alone that Dave Santos wasnt there, who has been with John forever (and deserves an award for that :-D ) felt like that we had entered a new era. Also felt a bit stupid that I didnt know their names. (after checking several times)
But, like we expected, they're pretty awesome and did a great job. Bassplayer James lookes like he's related to Bob Malone, he's jumping around all the time.

Bob Malone intro of Looking out my Backdoor

Kenny and new bassplayer James

there were some nice surprises in the concert. The new intro of Looking out my back door with Bob Malone on the accordion, super, the surprising intro of Hot Rod Heart.... and later in the show, the super swinging New Orleans! Endless Sleep wasnt much of a surprise as we heard it during soundcheck, but that doesnt mean we werent happy with it. It was great to hear it, always loved the song, and it also took me back to the times that I miss a bit, those wonderfull Fogerty years in '97 - '98 that felt like a dream and fairytale and pure magic at the same time.Its interesting to see how bassplayer James "detunes" his bassguitar during the song to get that special sound.
Another highlight was Penthouse Pauper, wich he doesnt play a lot.

Sharp dressed man: new guitarist Devon

Devon, John and Shane

All the time, there were a lot of Rickenbacker guitars.
Not sure what he sang during Midnight Special... I heard "if you're ever in Frankfurt!" and Robert and Arnold heard even stranger things. It was probably our wicked minds :-)
I wasnt only missing people onstage, but also off stage. its just totally weird to not have Anne around to dance on Keep on Chooglin, for example.
And to not have Uwe and Martine around for the Rockin All over the world wave!
Grapevind had awesome solo of Bob and awesome solo of a bouncing James.
Somewhere during the show the crowd started singing happy birthday for him, and near the end of the show John pointed up and we looked over our shoulders to see a huge airplane about to land!! Man, those passengers had a nice view!! Saw a few more planes later. Can you just imagine flying over a city very low and see a rockconcert in a park :-D

After the show we met Isa who has been on the third row, and some others that came to the front to talk. I had planned to wait for the band outside, what normally is easy here and always cool, so I walked out and went to the backstage, where I met some nice random people and one of them was a guy that spoke Dutch with a funny accent so I asked "where do you live, you have a funny accent" he smiled and said "i'm german" okay, I said, so where in Holland do you live? "not in holland, in Germany, I learned Dutch in school!" wow! that must have been quite the compliment for him :-)
we then talked about Albert Heyn and that was a bit surreal. Also met a German woman who lived near our hometown as a child. Its a small world!

In the mean time, we watched the trucks being loaded. The Bottle Rockets introduced me to the word "Van Tetris" but this was  "Truck Tetris"

Henry the driver ran around conducting everything and a group of helpers pushed all the flightcases in the truck. We made sure we didt stand in the way.
The bandvan drove inside the gate and that didnt make us happy, normally they come outside and take time for a talk.
when the flightcases where loaded, they drove outside. we got half a glimpse of Bob Malone getting in and a whole glimpse of a waving Bob Fogerty, and because the windows were dark we didnt see anything else, what was quite a bummer. But so it be. We stuck around a bit more and then left, as we still had an hour drive to do to Michi's, where we had a few beers, a lot of laughs, and a lot of Haribo before we finally went to sleep.

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