zaterdag 21 december 2013

4 dec: Flying to Nashville.

returned rental car at 6am and were nice on time for our flight at 9. Got a connecting flight in LA and first part went way faster than we were told (yay!) with nice views on SF, the valley we drove through to SF, and a real cool view on LA.
San Francisco

Los Angeles

Whats that?!

connections cant be easier: we walked out of the plane and had to make a direct right turn to the gate
next to us!
Flights to Nashville trigger my imagination. Who are all these people? Who's that cool old lang haired rocker? who's that guy with the guitarcase?

Flight went smooth. I took out my crochet project that quickly turned into an record attempt of "how many times can you drop the ball of yarn"  Its not always easy to "reel in" a dropped yarnball esp in a plane. One time I was able to drop it in the purse of the woman behind me, that put it under my seat :-D (so, warning: close your purse when you put it under the seat in front of you i a plane)

All of a sudden I noticed the woman a few seats to our left... was doing embroidery!  haha!! with an hoop and all! she was my age. I didnt see what she was making and didnt have the chance to ask :-)

Best in flight food ever

And we were in Nashville again! hehe. No matter what everyone says about new country and all, but for me Nashville is still special. Even if its only because of Jason and the Scorchers :-) Hey, its Nashville, its exciting, there is music everywhere. And about 50 ex John Fogerty bandmembers live here too!

Waiting for our bags, we found out that it was not just me seeing musicians everywhere. All the "suspicious" people ended taking flightcases from the bagageclaim, and there was a band on board we didnt see yet (each carrying small flightcases/drumsthings) a lot of guitars in flightcases appeared and the only dissapointment was that the cool old rocker only picked up a normal bag :-)

On our way to the rental cars, I all of a sudden heard someone announce mine and Roberts name... prenounced the American way (Robert Erts, Pet-rah Shap) Robert didnt hear it but I totally freaked out and ran back to the info desk to ask. The lady was pretty unfriendly and sent me to the American Airlines bagage desk. They were a bit friendlier but said it wasnt them and sent me to the check in desk. they were on the edge of RUDE and laughing about it. They did call the gate and when that was cleared out too, he said "yeah I see things all the time too haha" HAHA yourself!!
I was pretty pissed off and went back to Robert, with a headache and way too fast beating heart from the unpleasant excitement.

Robert made me watch the bags when he went to the Dollar desk and it took quite a while but it gave me the chance to calm down and stop shaking.
To keep a lot of stuff short: they gave us a Toyota RAV4. For us a big car that reminds us of our dear old Nigel <3 but still smaller than most other cars here. I like it better than the car in California and it smells better too.
Only thing was the front plate was folded up like someone tried to make origami of it... so we had to flatten it out back in the right shape.
The (superfriendly)guy that checked the car said "you guys are going to Missouri? You'll be heading straight into the snow!"

Found our motel (8) superquick and checked in. Motel seemed nice enough, but the room was tiny and not that clean and shower and toilet were dripping. But it was cheap and hey, I've slept in a Greyhound busstation (Columbus Ohio) so no worries :-D
And the shower was fabulous. I stayed in there for at least an hour, really needed it.

There were many fast food joints around us and we went to eat somewhere. It was really warm outside.
I felt a bit uncomfortable being in "redneckkistan" as some people had told me, esp after coming from left wing liberal California. Well how wrong could I be, but I was about to find out, as only nice people kept crossing our path, just like in California.
Robert thought it was a good idea to walk a bit and that was smart as we found some local restaurants. Some of them had signs saying "no guns" EEEK!! We ended up at a Chinese restaurant that reminded me of home :-) their buffet had lots of vegatables and nice other things so we had a great and very cheap meal.
 After that we checked out "big K-mart" but that wasnt a supermarket but a shop with BIG STUFF (hence) like 1 liter thermo mugs, 15 piece paper towel packages, gigantic xmas decorations (a stockingsock as big as a sleeping bag (REALLY)) and bags of chips the size of bed pillows.

America is THE place to buy a new thermo-mug, I've seen so many in California allready and bought a cheap and good one here. (not the 1 liter one!!) > and it says Bubba :-D
Walking back, we noticed the gas was WAY cheaper here than in California, it was around 3 dollar per gallon, in California it was about 3,69 per gallon (apart from the 5 dollar per gallon we had to pay twice)
at the hotel, checked the weather forecast for tomorrow one more time and it said "70°F with rain" like it said for days.

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