dinsdag 3 december 2013

2 Dec: El Cerrito and Berkeley and, and, and.

(Getting lost once again: Chinatown.)

 (but we saw some nice things! also, you notice the famous fog had settled in)
 (we dont know where we are or what we are seeing but I liked it. "honey, look at that pretty church!" "I dont #@$$$***&&!!%£µ9çç##&&!!!!!!"
 (another church and in the distance the transamerica building in the fog)

 (first stop was Emeryvill just across the Bay Bridge where we met our friend Tom, who gave us some fabulous tours in 2012)
 (awesome view on SF from across the bay)

 (looking for a house John Fogerty lived in when he was about three. Right in front... El Cerrito High School, where they all went to school -in the old building) Surprise!)
 (now we were here, we jumped in and asked to see the museum. They put some more items in it, and...)

 (they framed the scarf we brought them in 2012 on the BARTI trip with 12 CCR idiots!!! - Bay Area Road Trip Idiots)
 (no in real life i dont have a bell hanging over my pants like that - i promise)
 (and we got this cool souvenir!!!)
 (next stop: Berkeley Station where we had to shoot some film "for my nephew, cough cough" I dont have pictures of trains cos I filmed everything but I promise you it was a satisfying experience with lots of tooot tooot. Actually the whole time in and around Berkely was filled with a lot of trainhonking)
 (berkeley station where the Up around the bend picture was taken... inside a nice and cheap restaurant with decent food. Good find)

 (after the trains we explored the shops on 4th street (or Avenue) nice street)

 (Robert in Amoeba once again - glad we found it cos we forgot the adress. Had to ask, for "Ameeeba records")
 (Telegraph ave in Berkeley with some nice shops, a lot of weirdos and a lot of students)
 (Telegraph ave)

(Volvo gate!!!!)

(Gues what this is :-D jumped in quickly to say Hi to Jeffrey and Wolfgang - had a nice long talk with them esp with Wolfgang but we had to go, because....)
 (We had dinner plans across the street in Juans! with Randy and his wife Teresa - see picture below- pictured above is a calorie bomb Chicken Enchilada. Randy used to come to this restaurant a lot with Tom Fogerty and he always loved the Chicken Enchilada, so we thought it would be a nice way to celebrate him and have one. It was good but I gained at least 10 LBS)
 (with Randy and his lovely wife Teresa! we had a great time !!)
 (couldnt stay too long cos we were visiting this gentleman here, Jeff Fogerty and his lovely girlfriend Sarah, who were working in a studio somewhere south of Berkeley. Planned to stay only a short while but... not easy to leave, it was way to cool out there talking to them and listening to all Jefs stories about all the guitars and listening to them too)
 (and a quick lession in mixing)
("now pay attention Petra you're next" not kidding!!! :-D Robert filmed it, but we're not posting it cos its something from his upcoming album. Also a fun demo on the drumcomputer on the right - we learned a lot this evening. Also: very quiet room, untill a loud TRAIN passed by honking loud as hell, can you imagine?!)

But we HAD to go back, could have easy stay longer!!!
great day, great great people, great fun, great stuff, great memories!!!

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