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may 26th: Revisited in Primm, Nevada.

We saw Primm from miles away.  That’s one thing in the desert, you can see far. As there are only 3 hotels in town (and if you add the two truck stops, you have all of the town) we found it quiet easy. There is a huge rollercoaster around the building and the car park, and it was operating, it had Micio’s attention! (mine maybe too if we weren’t in a hurry)
, parked our car next to a palm tree and went to the door that had a sign that said “hotel entrance”.
Apparently they forgot to add a big arrow to the left, cos it felt like coming in through the fire escape, and we had to walk two miles through narrow dark corridors with rooms, that reminded me of the boat to Finland.

As this was the Trip Of Lines, there was another one waiting for us at the check in, and we were slightly in a hurry. While Robert was checking in, we looked at the place around us. It all looked a bit... faded. The theme was obviously country and western, as the name of the hotel was Buffalo Bill’s, there where big murals with dressed up dolls and a stuffed fox. It looked like something you would see on a carnival. Left of the check-in was the casino, lots of lights going on with some more western stuff, slightly better looking.
Next stop; how to find our room in this ridiculously big hotel. We had to ask again, and were directed next to the “arena” where revisited would play. The woman told Robert the doors would open at 8.30, but I thought it was a bit strange and asked at the box office, and they said the doors would open at 7 and the concert would start at 8! Aaa!!! So glad we asked again! While we were there we got our tickets, and in the envelope, we also found these interesting looking wristbands. Hmmmm!!!
Quick to our rooms now first. While we opened ours, there was something going on across the hallway with the Finns... their room wasn’t made up yet. It was a big mess, and while they waited in our room, Micio went downstairs to get a new room. Robert tried to take a shower, it was already 7.15. Micio came back, cursing; the elevator didn’t work and they told him that Robert had to come down with his passport, as the rooms are on his name. So he had to dress again, run downstairs, only to find out... that he didn’t have to come at all! GEEZZ!!! At least they were smart enough not to stand in line everytime.

the one time the elevator did work, we found out there wasny a 13th floor :-)
view from our room

Stress and hurry, but we made it downstairs to the Arena in time. We were happily surprised to find out our seats were right in front of the stage, maybe on the 7th row. I went to get some water... there was only one barkeeper, and he looked like Masuka from Dexter, and that freaked me out a bit. It took that long, that I didnt even reach my seat when the lights went out! Funny enough, when I sat down next to Robert, first thing he said was “you just missed Angel Batista (Dexter!) over there, complete with hat” hahaha!!!
There they were onstage. How long had it been? At least 11,  12 years. There was a time when Revisited played Europe on a frequently base... before Fogerty took over. Well, in that 12 years, they didn’t change much! Lost some weight, hair turned grey... new (excellent) guy on guitar (Kurt)... everything else looked the same! Total bizarre to see them again, but I was touched and felt happy that I was looking at them again.  And hey, that’s half of Creedence up there. Doug Clifford even still looks like in his CCR days, apart from the fact his hair turned grey. 

The sound was great from where we were sitting! I wish I could say the same thing about the audience, but well, it was that typical casino crowd. They only stood up after each song (at least thats something) There was one brave girl on our left dancing and having a good time during the whole concert, and Robert saw some people throwing stuff at her. Everybody stood up during Grapevine, but when the song was finished, they all sat down again, and from then on, it stayed like that. Got up during songs to dance and cheer, and then down again. I just had to get up and dance every now and then, but I didn’t wanna get into a fight so I sat down again too. Even during the encore, some standing people had to sit down because of complaints.

If you saw Fogerty as much as we did, you just cannot see Revisited without comparing. I didn’t want to, but it just happens. While Fogerty likes to speed things up, Revisited doesn’t, and that’s VERY weird to hear to me. It was a nice surprise to hear some songs were totally different, like Grapevine. But if Fogerty is allowed to change songs, Revisited is too ;-)
Then there is John Tristao. Even if you don’t wanna see Doug and Stu, you should come to see John Tristao. He is one chapter of his own hahahaha. He changed the words to Midnight Special again; If you ever in Houston became “if you ever in Buffalo Bills!!” but then.. “you better do it right... You better not GAMBLE...”
Huh? It looked like I was the only one who thought that was hysterical, but I had to sit down for a moment.
There are all these “jokes” we do during Fogerty (like Fork, for example) that just doesn’t work at Revisited. 
When they left for the first encore, for one split second “next is Rocking all over the world” flew through my mind. Nope.  :-D
During the whole show, it was clear they have a lot of fun onstage. Not only big grins all the time, also joking and fooling around with each other a bit. Towards the end, a blonde girl stood up right in front and danced and jumped all the time, like I usually do, getting a lot of smiles from the stage, what was just great to see!

After the show we went over to the Boudensjes, and a security girl said to me “if you are part of the meet and greet people, you have to wait there” Wait, what?
“is that where these wristbands are about?” I asked and she said “Yes” WAAAAAAA!!!!  WOW!!! Of course we HOPED we would meet them, and we wondered where those bands were about, but this was just fantastic!!
So we waited “there” and chatted with the others.

After a short while some friendly folks took us backstage and to the meet and greet area, where some tables, chairs and a big sofa were and he asked us to wait there. MMmmm, big sofa.  We sat down on the soft sofa... Mmmmm just wake us up when they’re here, ok?
I don’t remember who came out first, but that’s not important. They were all there in the end, and we got to say hi to all 5 of them. Doug and Stu walked in as last, and when they entered together I looked and them and it felt like the first time I met them. My heart just skipped a few beats. There, Doug and Stu, Half Of Creedence!! It’s not that we came to see a band with members from the Brandos, or with Jason and the Scorchers guitar players (love you, Warner) no, I was looking at half CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL. What the F.

Before, I was wondering if they would still remember me, so the “HI, PETRA!!!” I got from both of them was heartwarming and just superfantastic. Talked to them for quite a while (when it was my turn! We politely waited until it was our turn, didn’t wanna claim them all the time. Well yeah maybe we wanted to, but we didn’t do it) Stu looked happy and told he was happy. He still had this grin on his face and he was just superfun to talk with, esp when I got myself together a bit. (yes: “aaaah, Creedence bassplayer!!!”) we had met them several times before and they just didnt change and were still as friendly and supercool to the fans, super relaxed. When I told we forgot their present he said “AGAIN?!” :-D we introduced the Finns, what was great.

If you never met Doug Clifford, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Serious.  I just had so much fun. He is just so superfriendly and funny to the fans and to talk too. In my memory I got about 500 hugs from him :-D “oh, another hug” hahaha!!! We talked about all sorts of stuff, like how he managed to stay in shape like that (insane, really, he is 68 and my goodness, he is super, superfit) that he exercises everyday and lifts weights (I politely asked if I could squeeze his arm muscles when he was showing them off) and he eats very healthy. 

I had a small conversation with Steve, who didn’t change at all, it was so bizarre to talk to him again, too. Got a hug that still hurts :-D

 one more thing I love about America: all that hugging!! He even went to get us some beers ... he came back with Belgian STELLA haha!! (of course then the ever returning  conversation about beer. Someone (Stu?) said “its probably brewed in Saint Louis!”  - no it wasn’t)

 Went to introduce myself to Kurt, a very friendly guy, and was able to say HI shortly to John Tristao before he left.
I thanked Doug for the music, and he said “it’s something we love to do” and I explained I dont meant Revisited (though I’m thankfull for that too) but for Creedence, for making those records. I explained how much I love other bands, but there’s only one Creedence, up there on a lonely, lonely height on its own.
It was time to go. Someone tried to get them out, and it was like “yeah, we’re coming! Guys, we have to go” “nice meeting you” another hug, and then “oh by the way...” and there we go again! Then “guys, we really have to go” “oh yeah, sure!” another hug. “oh, by the way... “ etc etc!! It was just too funny. (for us)
Felt like we’ve been there for at least one hour. It was not just us by the way, I think the group was at least 15 or 20 people. Finally the guys were able to leave (wait, one more hug!) leaving us, or me at least, a bit dazed and confused. Wow.
We still had to find out something important, so I went to one of the security men and asked what time we would have to leave on Monday, Memorial Day with the so called “loveley traffic” He said that he wasn’t taking any risks himself and that he would leave to LA at 6 am, and advised us to absolutely not leave after 10am. 9, as we planned, was ok, 8 better, but after 10 we would be doomed. He was very friendly and we thanked him.

We were escorted back out, and when we stood in the casino again I felt so happy I almost had to cry. Creedence. We saw them so many times when they came to Europe (well, not 156 times, but I saw them at least 10 times between ‘96 and ‘03) that we took it for granted, and all of a sudden you realize it has been years you’ve last seen them.

It was still early, so we decided to try our luck in the casino. I ran into a bag of Reeses Pieces, finally, but found out quickly that it wasn’t “teeny tiny Reeses cups” and I didnt like them at all, so got rid of that. Robert and I went to the quarter machines and he won 18 dollar!!! (and lost them again, but at least it was fun) I lost two dollar in the same machine. You see we are big time gamblers.

We had enough of it and went for a walk in the casino to see what else there was. Some food corners. the  MacDonalds was still opened, but no thanks, and we went back to our room, Robert slept as soon as he touched the sheets. I noticed the melted chocolate bar from Trader Joes had become solid again, so I tried a bit, but it wasn’t worth the calories either.

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