zondag 2 juni 2013

May 26th Barstow: Route 66, Route 66, Route 66 and Route 66, and a lot of trains that didnt honk.

 *** yes my pictures look like there is something on the lense because there IS something in the lense. Excuse me :-(

 Hello from THE DESERT! Oh I’m just soooo happy.... running on a few hrs of sleep and a lot of lousy coffee, singing along with the ubercool sirius XM Roadhouse station in the car.” I washed my haaands, in muddy water...” and so happy and flabbergasted that I AM IN AMERICA! 

We just left Barstow. The motel was perfect value for your money, we dont need no fancy room! (but its nice).
breakfast buffet wasnt that bad! (actually even better than Mac Donalds)

 We had a quick snack at the breakfast buffet, what wasnt too bad, and went to the Barstow Station we saw on our way and the one Chuck recommended (thanks!)  It was a mac donalds made of trainwagons! That was cool, but for some reason I thought I would find a decent breakfast (hello, at Mac D?!) so while the others ended up with funny things/crap I was just drinking another coffee :-D 
Robert "what on earth did they put on my plate"

"what are you eating?!" "fried rice something?"

There was also a nice souvenirshop (the real reason I make all these trips is that I collect fridge magnets. John Fogerty is just a cover-up) 

 It was next to the railroad, and we saw a lot of trains, (before we got there allready) BUT THEY’RE NOT HONKING!!!!!! Switch the button on please.

making friends with a friendly biker

As we were on Main Street, what used to be the old route 66, and I knew there would be roadsigns,  and we drove downtown to look. We found one where we could park, and there were some weirdo’s walking around, but at least they left us alone. We’re probably not the first tourists to take pics with that sign.

Now we’re our way to Las Vegas! We made a quick stop at Peggy Sue’s diner (ofcourse) and now we’re admiring the desert. There are endless fields with small bushes, velvet looking hills and mile long trains on our right.  And dried out riverbeds. This radiostation is a mix of cool old country, and some corny ones. It plays all the original versions of a lot of songs we know! Thats so awesome!
Ok some Greyhounds now please!  (5 minutes later I saw the first one! Scared everyone with going JAA!! They should know me by now) haha just saw a sign for rocket fuel :-D
Trying to set the cruise control but we’re doing something wrong.

The nearest I ever came with dying from laughter was right here in Baker, Ca, where the worlds biggest thermometer stands. I’m not going to try to explain it, but Betty Lou is involved :-) We just passed it and had a restroom break shortly after it, where I allmost cut off my toe when i tried to take a picture. 

 Las Vegas is getting closer! Although its interesting and nice to see the desert, it also scares me a bit.... its such a big empty death place. And I dont get why someone wants to live in a big empty death space, where temperature can go up to 53° C or something. And I’m scared that something might happen here and that we’re going to die in the burning sun when we’re out of water and the rattlesnakes attack us. Ok you can see I’m a city girl.

We just passed Primm, we’re in Nevada! We saw the place where were going tonight. Ofcourse, because thats all there is in Primm.

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