zondag 19 mei 2013

It's getting closer: less than a week!

"Great, we're going to have a transit in Houston!" right, but it seems and "they say" that Houston is the worst place to enter the States by plane: Immigrations "can take a while" and "they are very unfriendly" and "you have to walk miles and miles because its a big airport"
Ah well, at least we have a bit more over 3 hrs. "should be ok". We'll find out soon :-)

We found a great place to stay the first night, but, as I feared, no room on saturday :-( so now we booked a cheap chain "with lousy breakfast" We'll go to the next door supermarket for breakfast :-)
Also just booked our car, a bit of a pain in the *** because there are no 6 persons cars, and I dont know if four fit on the backseat of some cars. We now have a "Dodge caravan or simular"
(I remember booking a Chevrolet once, getting our car was messy and the guy said "Oh, I'll just give you the Chrysler" and we went "cool" and drove off and somewhere during the next days "wait, if this is a Chrysler, why does it have a Dodge logo on the steeringwheel?)
Oh, and we never ever forget mister Okla, ("It's prenounced Okla, as in Oklahoma, but without the Homa") "your Ford Mustang will be PINK!" (bummer, it was just black)

There is this never ending, ever trending topic about the infamous International Drivers License.
It is a translation of your nationa license, and it looks like you made it at home. We have never been asked about it in Cali (I've heard of a few times people has been asked for it. It depends on the company and the person behind the desk)  Official sites like the ambassy etc say "it can be handy to bring one" but its NOT the law. It's even that bad, when you hand it over, even to the cops, they dont even take it and just ask for your license.
Robert got one last year because "apperantly" the company we booked our vans wanted to see it. (I still wonder why) He still has it so we'll bring it this time.
It's a real stupid matter and it's about time theres clarity for once and all.

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