dinsdag 14 mei 2013

It has been a while since we've done something really weird, so...

 This morning during my coffeebreak, I got a textmessage from Robert saying "Birthdayconcert may 28th LA"  Had to write back "I cant get off from work" as I just promised my boss to replace someone.
But I was cool with it, after thinking of a dozen reasons why I was ok with not going. Robert wanted to go, tried to persuade me but I didnt even think of calling my boss!
During the day, some positive things about not going went through my mind, and I had to take care of some practical things, I had to figure out how to come back from Amsterdam in two weeks, without Robert picking me up from the trainstation it would be a bit difficult. Slowly but steady my mind went from "I'm not joining Robert to LA" to "how to get home after the last bus is gone"
Everything fine. I wasn't even jealous, I was glad that I was able to keep my savings on the bank.

Around 4 I was riding my bike back to work, and all of a sudden... an invisible wave with emotions overwhelmed me. It felt like waking up, and my mind was set on "I HAVE TO JOIN HIM!!" I speeded to work, to call both my bosses (got two of them :-) first one said "oh sure no problem" but the second one was the one I had to replace a coworker for. She also always needs piles of paperwork when you want a day off. she didnt answer her phone, I kept calling her and then I left a weird message that she had to call me back. At least I had now time to make up how I was going to ask her.
"I know I'm asking much, and please dont hate me, but...." or "I have a silly question... don't get mad... " or "I know its probably not possible.." or just "I need 3 days of and I NEED to know it right now, is that ok?"
So when she called back I picked up with "HI! yes! Question! Dont hate me! Uh, ah, ih, I mean! I mean, no, look, what I REALLY want to ask, I mean, yeah I know, but, and, eh" and she went "I dont understand you" and then I just got totally silent :-D "the connection is bad! Are you still there?" yeah, I'm just standing here with my mouth open, drooling, but everything else is ok.
Finally I was able to get the question out and directly she went "ofcourse! no problem! I can send someone else!" I dont wanna brag, but then she said I always help her out so she was totally happy to sort this out for me! YAY boss!!
Then I think I started crying and when I finally put down the phone I started dancing around cheering, I'm glad they knew I'm crazy haha. Then I had to tell everyone who was still there what was going to happen. some just thought "okayyy....." but the big boss had to laugh (I came bouncing into his office) and said "go for it!"

I wanted to surprise Robert, but I'm very bad at it so I called him and he said "the tickets allready went on sale and I cant buy them and X has seats BEHIND THE PA" (if you dont have a clue; thats VERY bad) It was a bit weird because the tickets were not supposed to be on sale yet. I assumed we would be allright somehow and when I finally got home, Robert went upstairs to buy them.
First, total silence... then....some cursewords... more cursewords... I was downstairs reading and writing on Fogerty.com, then more silence... and all of a sudden "we got them!"
And the best part is: they're all general admission; first come first serve!! YES!!
The theater only holds 700 something, so thats interesting. And X with his "bad" tickets doesnt have to worry anyway.

Next step; book the flight asap. I assumed and hoped we would be back in Belgium in the morning, as I have to be at work at 4 :-D I looked up some flights from Amsterdam while I was eating, and yes, perfect, back at 09.30! It was with one stop: via HOUSTON TEXAS hahahahahaha!!! it's getting better and better! Why? JUST BECAUSE!!! Hey I know, spending an hour on an airport doesnt really count, but it will be closer to Texas than I'll ever been. (why I wanna go to Texas? Thats another story. I NEED to visit San Antonio one day. Blame it on Doug Sahm if you want)

Okay now I have to clean the kitchenfloor because I spit out my macaroni while I found this out. Robert went mad because he just cleaned it :-)
I just love this feeling. Pure adrenaline kick!! Hope I'm able to sleep tonight!
If we fly to San Diego we might be just in time to see Revisited there!

OMG as we speak amazing news from upstairs... guess who is going to join us!!!! this is getting better and better and better!!!!
(for your and mine own good, I will now step away from the computer....)

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  1. enjoy your trip and say hello to John and happy b-day...:)
    nice story!
    thanks Petra