donderdag 12 juli 2012

July 9th, Aalborg, Denmark

After a good breakfast, we left to the venue around 3, and were able to park just across the street. We’ve never parked so close! (Apart from Glastonbury, but you’ll have to wait for the Trilogy to be released for that story) We met some old and new friends, and looked around at the venue. Even though it was raining and cold, I felt so happy to be back there. So many good memories! It was concert where John baptised us (Robert, Alessio, Merijn, and me) the Million Milers, and many other fun things happened too. We met him, and it was after the Amsterdam concert. I was at the back of that show cos I arrived late cos my friends got married, and as soon as he saw me he went “Where were you in Amsterdam?!” OH DEAR, he missed me!!! I mumbled “I was in the back, because I….” “you had to go to a wedding yes, I know” HA!!
But that was then, and this is now.

We sat down at the entrance and waited. And waited. I did some more crochet, and we waited. We were really tired, all Anne and I wanted to do was sit down. We talked about how exhausted we were, and that this had been such an extremely exhausting trip, with all the nights we skipped. (already 4 so far) and how we were getting out of mood quickly, and how we were even at some points that we didn’t even care about John anymore, just want to SIT DOWN.
Shortly for 6 o clock, we stood up and waited for the gates to open. It was crowded already, but people weren’t pushing.
It took a long time for the doors to open, very annoying, to look at the securities and see what they are doing. We also wondered how they would get rid of the fence in front of us, as it was tied to another one. Then a big security guy came, grabbed the gate and just pulled it away. They told us to wait, what we did as nice audience, and when they waved at us, we went in. Offcourse I had a woman that didn’t know what was allow in, and had to ask her co-workers, so I had people passing me from all sides! Geez!!!
Then I stumbled in, and luckly the others kept a spot for me at the front, but it wasn’t crowded, and I had a very spacey spot.
Slowly the place filled up, and we took turns to go to the toilet. (even to go the toilet you have to make a plan)
Anne and I realized that we already felt a whole lot better, the adrenaline was still running through our veins :-) and we could sit down and relax.
When we just stood there, Bente, who just came in, walked up to us, that easy it was!
The support act started, a very nice country band called Hush (I think) they had two guitarist, a stand up bass player, and a female singer with a mandoline, and ukele too if I’m correct, or maybe it was just one of the guitarist take another mandoline, cos I remember he reminded me of the Brandos singer Dave Kincaid all the time.
Now, this was more my type of country. They were very very good and professional, and a relief for the ear to listen too. And we were not the only ones who liked it, during the show, Dave, Bob Malone, James, Randy and Curtis all came to take a look and they stayed for a long time.

I went to get a few drinks, and it was very hard to go through the crowd. I had to walk back with two big cups of icecold beer (that wearnt cheap) and a bottle of water in my skirt pocket (that’s one one the reasons I like to wear something with pockets) through a very dense crowd! I was so sure I was going to drop my beer, and was going “sorry! Sorry! Excuse me!” non-stop. One person replied “never mind!” me: “thanks!” he “you’re welcome!” me “have a nice nice evening!” he: “thanks, you too!” hahaha that was so funny, then I was out of his reach, otherwise we probably would have kept going on :-) Now I turned in to “sorry!sorry!sorry!sorry!sorry!sorry!” and I reached the others. Funny thing was that the closer I came to the stage, the easier it was to walk, and back on my spot, I was glad to give away those two ice-beers, and my spot was still so wide.
The stage was extremely low and close, and we were all full of joy and expectations.

It started so great with dancing, and during Lodi I was having so much fun I was already convinced that it would be THE best concert of the tour.
Maybe it would have been, if it wasn’t for all the bullshit that happened. And just like that, the place with all that fantastic memories, turned into the place with one of the worst memories.

Before you read any further; everything turned out fine again later. Every tour just seem to have one of these days. Don’t worry, I’m a happy little camper again now!

The first time the security came to me to tell me to stop filming, what I wasn’t doing, I was able to explain that I wasn’t, and he believed me and gave me so many thumbs up, that I thought it was all ok. Apparently it looks like I am filming when I take pictures, just because I keep my camera up longer then 3 seconds, to zoom and focus, but who doesn’t?! Please! I even took it down everytime to look at the taken picture, just to show I wasn’t filming. I’ve never seen someone filming like the way I hold my camera. But then during Rocking All over the world, this happened:
His co worker came to me and said “give me your camera”
I said “go f yourself” directly stepped back from the frontrow, and started removing the memorycard, and at the same time I could see Robert jump in front of the guy saying “you’re not getting her camera, shes not filming, leave her alone”
I think the guy tried to talk to him, and he tried to talk to me, but then,I got the card out of the camera AND I DROPPED IT IN THE MUD, I freaked out and looked for it and luckly I saw it laying on the floor next to someones big feet. That was the moment I lost it. That card had all my great memories on it, the sheepie road in Norway, the meetings with the band, all our silly memories, and now because someone wanted me to stop filming what I wasn’t doing, it was there in the mud. I was this close to getting a break down. Might sound stupid, but it just felt like my good memories were dragged through the mud.
I grabbed it and put it back, and somehow the guy and I started talking, but as I absolutely couldn’t hear him, (as this was the loudest concert I’ve ever been too, it was the first time ever I wore earplugs the whole show, and I still had ringing ears the next day. Robert was wearing earplugs too and he really suffered all the time and even thought about going to the back. The guy next to him was standing with his fingers in his ears) I gave him pen and paper and he wrote “put your camera on” what I did. Then, “film” what I did, I pointed at Jos behind Robert, and my hands were shaking and everyone was looking at me instead of to the band. Filmed 3 seconds, and showed him the small icon on it, then I showed him all the other images of the concert, and that none of them had the movie icon. I think he apologised, but I turned around and wanted to push Bente in my spot, and leave, but she said “no, you belong there, go back!” She hugged me and I said I was ok, and I thought that I would stay to show John my support, so I forced a smile on my face and stayed.

After the show, to make things worse, the four of us got into a fight ofcourse, everyone was completely pissed off, and others came to me to tell that it was a shame that they picked me out while I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I didn’t wanna ruin it for the others and wanted to shut up about it, but the tension was just really high. The atmosphere was completely the opposite as the last time we were here and that made me sad too.
Anne went to ask if there was refund on the big beer jars, like last time, when Merry and I picked up for about 50 euro each worth of refund!! But there wasn’t, so that didn’t raise the mood either. And we got a fight about that too.
We went home and I tried to cheer up a bit for the others, and we went to bed.
Robert slept quickly, but I just laid there thinking “isn’t it about time I do something usefull with my life?”

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