dinsdag 10 juli 2012

July 8th, long crazy trip from Umea, Sweden to Aalborg, Denmark

July 8th: Umeå, Sweden – Aalborg, Denmark.

On the road again! We’ll be at Egon’s around 4 am, I’m pretty sure he’ll be very happy if we wake him up at that time :-D
(we’re not gonna be there at that time anyway and we wont wake him up, don’t worry) I’m glad we’re still in Scandinavia otherwise we would have been a bit too late for the concert tomorrow.(if you wanna stand in front) Its raining like crazy, and as always, every 5 minutes we see a cool oldtimer. I cant remember I’ve seen so much before in Sweden, they’re just everywhere.

This morning we first had to “clean” the cabin, but it wasn’t dirty, so I kicked everyone out and swept the floor, and that was it. Then we had to stack the dirty smelling beerbottles in the car, and we went to a supermarket that was already open and on our way. It was a huge “Coop Forum”, they don’t have supermarkets like that at home! So much to see, so little time (I love foreign supermarkets/grocery shops) First we got around 9 euro for the empty bottles, not bad :-) and we went for food. Interesting shop, but we were in a hurry, got me some bread, cheese and ham, fruit and veggies, and a literpack of yoghurt as they don’t have any other. We saw cheese made of reindeermilk, lots of stuff we never saw before. Also finally found a bottle of water without bubbles! Only crazy tourists buy water in the shops, everyone else just uses the tap. Tap water tastes way better than the bottled water over here, but we don’t have acces to a tap all the time on the road.

Going down south now, feels a bit like going home already, I wanna stay here a bit more in the north! I love Sweden so much! I love being here! This was my first proper visit in 4 years, not counting two short visits for Fogerty and our dear friends the Seatsniffers. The scenery isn’t very spectacular here, just woods mostly, but we had a nice view on the coastal line a while ago. We’re on the E4 “highway” and its very crowded and we’re not going very fast cos we’re stuck behind campers, rv’s and trailers the whole time.

We’re all so tired, Robert and Alessio drive in turns (if you say it that way). I just slept a bit and feel a bit better, still I’m getting visions of my bed at home.

Its so crowded on the road, maybe this is the start of the holiday season. We finally have a two lane road again, Alessio was going crazy because of the one lane with all the slow traffic. The oldtimer thing is getting a bit out of hand, every 10 cars is one! They range from 1930’s to 1970’s, some are really well kept, others look like they just had an accident.  Some tow old caravans!

Lets go to GNARP!
Thats ONE mosquito bite!!!!

Alessio's beauty nap :-D

We passed Stockholm around 6, thought it was too  bad it was too early to have dinner here. It was even more crowded here, but lucky mostly in the opposite direction. I’ve never seen so many cars in last week! We finally stopped at a gasstation that had a decent wc without huge line, we bought a load of Swedish candy and chocolate, our diet plans are all gone!! I managed for a week to keep up with it, until I discovered those “delicato” choco things and now we’re all just going crazy eating bags of chips and everything. I’m too exhausted to feel bad about it yet.

Around 8 we tried to find a roadside restaurant, we were just along one of the biggest lakes (or maybe the biggest) called Vättern. The first two were closed, and then we found one what was opened, but it was a bit … well lets just hope we don’t get sick :-/  bit questionable place! (in other words, dirty) also very dated with furniture from the 80’s.

Swedish Cola :-)

funky restaurant

Sunset over Vättern lake

We’re in southern Sweden now, its almost 11pm and it’s a lot darker than earlier this week. Still not as dark as at home, though. We just informed Egon that we’ll be there “in the early morning” and he said “no problem” !!
Then a few hours of sleep, and on to the next concert.

I felt really sad of leaving Sweden :-( I love this country so much!! in every way! When you drive to the tollbridge to Denmark, theres a sign saying "last exit in Sweden" and it felt really dramatic. Lets just stay here!
The last part of the trip was pretty ennoying. We were all so tired and trying not to fall asleep, taking breaks everytime. And buying more candy everytime!
Turned out to be a 21 hrs/1700 km drive. We had a very pretty sunrise in Denmark, we arrived at E &B around 7, the beds were ready, FANTASTIC zzzzz.

And a pretty sunrise in Denmark!

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