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July 7th: Rättvik - Umea

3 am, almost as good as daylight, we driving to the north again, we’re in Sundsvall now (good memories) at a gasstation because I’ve ruined the cigarette lighter fuse! :-( don’t ask how. Alessio crawled underneath the dashboard trying to get the fuse out with our homekeys (we’re such good equipped travellers) and now they ran inside the gassation talking technical stuff.

Just an hour ago, we were already driving on the big highway here in Sweden, the E4, (two lane) and the GPS could find it and completely lost it for about 15 minutes going “get off dirtroad” and “recalculate” etc non-stop. We slammed it on the dashboard a few times and now it works again. Bahaha, no we didn’t slam it, but we wanted to.

The first part of our trip was very beautifull, pretty views, farmsteads, lakes, all kinds of variation, but it wasn’t as light enough yet to be really able to enjoy it.
Arnold did the same part by daylight and was very impressed with it. First we were wondering where the heck we were going too, we were send over gravel and dirt roads, through the woods, scared that a moose or something else would end up on the hood of our car, but we made it in one piece.
We were getting SO SILLY, singing moose songs again! 

It was a very long trip up to Umea and we were so tired. We stopped for a small break and a nap, I was folded up in the front seat, every muscle hurts!

When we finally made it to Umea, we first went to see where the venue was, so we could choose a camping in the neighbourhood. Guess who were just pulling into the parkinglot when we arrived?! The two trucks with Johns equipment! We waved at the drivers and got out of their way.

Arrived at the camping around 8 or something, and when Robert went inside at the reception, we spotted a Fogerty poster on the campings bulletinboard! Anne jumped out of the car and took it off, and quickly got back in the car with it. It really took Robert a long time to come out again, and when he appeared again, he had a cabin key in his hand, YES!! We were way to tired to make the tent! He got the cheapest one, the one thing we needed was 4 beds and a roof above our heads.
He also had a nice story, when he was checking in, the woman at the desk asked “are you here for the concert?” and Robert pointed at the bulletin board and said “yes, that concert” and they looked and at the same time Anne was taking the poster off :-D

The cabin was 8m2 , had two bunkbeds and a little table to sit in. And outside a mini porch with flowers! That was so cute! I think we were in our beds within 5 minutes. Went out like a light.
I woke up when Robert got out of bed, and still sleepy as I was, I thought “something is wrong” but I couldn put my finger on it. Till Robert said it was 70°CELCIUS in the upper bed. It was scorching hot in the cabin! We already had the window open, Robert was going slightly crazy, but I was so tired that I thought “I’ll see what happens” and felt asleep again, woke up at 2 as we planned.
It was even hotter inside, and as it turned out, it was also around 30° C outside.
We all felt a bit bad that we paid the extra for a cabin and then got this sauna, but on the otherhand, in the tent it would probably been unbearable.

We got ourself together and around 3 we left, first stop was ofcourse a supermarket, a nice ICA. We were so hungry we bought grilled ribs (me) salads, breads, oatmeal cookies, hummus ready to attack!
When we arrived at the venue, there was one guy sitting in front of the door, and we joined him. He told us he has been sitting there for 2 hrs already, but he is a big Bruce Springsteen fan, so that explains it :-) we ate like pigs, we were so full Anne and I were afraid that we would never be able to run anymore!
Arnold joined us later, but he still had to buy a ticket.

There were some people working outside around the entrance, and putting on posters, so Alessio asked one and they got two! Later we got some too, and he came back with a stack of small ones when we were in line, asking “you guys want some of these too?” How supernice is that! He also ensured us we were sitting in the right spot, and kept on saying “don’t worry you’ll be on the front!”
Sometimes I even surprise myself, we’re keep on saying that it always works out nice, and still we’re nervous.
The crowd behind us grew bigger, but they all kept their distance, and they all looked older.
We still had a big bag of food left when the doors opened, like these delicious cookies, and we hoped that we would be able to take it inside.
It was a very relaxed entrance. Robert and Alessio went in first, so they could run and keep a spot if necessary, and then Anne and me with the bags. The guy who checked me kept on asking “you have drinks? You have drinks?” and I kept on saying “no just food!” but it took a long time and when I finally was in, I saw Alessio running in the distance, followed by two others, and Robert was walking saying “why run, there is no one” he was right offcourse, but walking in at a concert still feels wrong. Arnold was running too, then I looked back and noticed there was no one behind us, so we walked the rest too, picked out a spot and sat down. And almost felt asleep.
I’m not going to bore you with toilet stories, but I do think 4 toilets for 4000 women is not really much!
One of the other ever returning happenings: getting drinks and then hear you’re not allowed to take them to the front. It happened to Anne, they were all telling her something else, she had to give away the first drinks, because everyone is saying something else, had to buy new ones and smuggled them in in her bag.

There were 3 other bands, a duo that was playing classic rock songs on a small stage, not bad, the first two songs were from Tom Petty, the guy had a good voice. Then a Swedish hardrock band called Berlev (?) Gas Show and they were pretty cool! They already won me at the start, they played a tape with trainsounds :-) honking and ringing bells loud as hell! I enjoyed their show, and after them a singer called Rik Fors (sp?) and his band. He had a very deep bluesey voice and they started with blues, and I’m not a blues fan, so I feared the worst, but it got better. Another singer joined them, started with another Tom Petty song and in the end, they were ok.

By now the crowd was getting pushy and everything. There was no sight of all the elderly people, there was a bunch of teens literally trying to push theirself to the front. It was a bit annoying, but Robert said; be happy that he is so populair among the youth! That’s a way to see it :-) For the show started, unfortunately, two girls already had to be carried away. I really thought it was going to end bad, but after all it was ok.
I gave the security guy in front of me a mint because he looked really hungry when I was giving the others one, and that broke the ice! He kept on coming to us to chat and every time he had left his spot, he came back to tell Robert how long we still had to wait. He thought it was the coolest thing ever that we came all the way to see John! I’ve seen a few friendly security people in Scandinavia, but he really won the prize! What a NICE guy! He knew how to deal with people! Too bad he had to stand in front of us all the time telling people not to film, but that was ok. When that circus started again, I put my camera away, but later I asked him if it was allowed to take pictures, and he was all “oh yes ofcourse, its just the filming!” He also kept on going out of the way when I tried to take a picture :-)

So, this was my 150th concert! For several times during the show, I had to ask myself “150 times, what went wrong?” sounds a bit weird maybe, but it kept on hitting me in the face that it was an absurd number of shows I have on my name, even though it took me 15 years to get there. I remember how intense happy I was in 1997 with 7!
Too bad I was so tired, I enjoyed the show, but I wasn’t able to party or anything. And he didn’t do Lodi!
Anne and I held the Moose sign again and he had to laugh out loud again :-)

After the show we first picked up empty beer bottles and then we went back to the cabin, what now had a nice cool temperature, and we had a good night of sleep.

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