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July 6th: Rättvik

Woke up early cos the tent was burning hot, but still had a good night of sleep. When we finally got out, the men already went to a supermarket. At least they went out to find one! Turns out the town isn’t THAT small. Robert even wanted to buy me yoghurt but the check out guy said they only sold yoghurt to cook. (really weird here in Sweden, 15 different ones to cook with, only a few to eat, and only one low-fat, and that comes in a big container) anyway I thought it was really sweet he asked for me!
pretty balconies in Rättvik

When Anne and I could keep our eyes open a bit and walk straight :-) we went there too, we walked around in town a bit looking for a souvenir (and a scarf for my hair) it’s a very cute town but it looks like there are only old people here! 
Reindeer and moose sausages!

Just like on the campingsite! We did our groceries, and back at the tent, I first enjoyed my yoghurt (running joke already I think) and then worked on my blog for the rest of the day. We were just sitting in the grass and taking it easy, and apart from that nothing, listened to the screaming seagulls. When I came back from the toilets, Robert asked me to try his orange juice he just bought, I was suspicious and carefully took a little tiny sip… it was the worst thing I ever had! I couldn’t spit it out on the grass so I ran to the wastebag and spit it in there. Then I drank water until the burning, over intense thick sugary taste was gone. Robert told he took several big sips !!! Still in horror, I looked on the label what kind of crap this was, and then I saw it said (in Swedish) that it was A SYRUP!!! You had to mix it with water before you drink it!! Out of that one bottle, you could make 7 liters!! And Robert took several big gulps from it! Poor guy :-)
Alessio realized we had to check out at 3 pm so we had to pack early.

The others then left and I went to take a quick shower, had a conversation with a woman in Swedish :-) and a fight with the shower. Me and camping site showers don’t go together very well, yuckerdeyuck!! Still I managed, and as we had all the time of the world, because tonight was seated, we went to the cute bakery we saw across the trainstation. I was pretty sure we would run into the band again as I was wearing socks in my slippers and I didn’t comb my hair yet :-)
The bakery was fantastic and over crowded, doing good business . They sold all kinds of sweets, cookies and pies, we orderd coffee and pie (in Swedish, the woman answered in English) and sat down and relaxed for a while.

When we finished our coffees we saw a cute handcrafts souvenirs shop, where anne and I could have spend a lot of money on handmade jewelry etc, while the guys ran out bored and sat in the garden. Then one more visit to the supermarket for a bottle of vinegar, to treat my mosquito bites! It really works! But it smells quite heavy offcourse.

Around 6 we arrived at the venue, what was a beautifull old quarry, what a place for a concert! We saw Arnold, who was back (flew to Sweden and rented a car) Anne was supposed to meet 3 people who bought 3 of our extra tickets, and when they all went inside, Robert and I stayed out trying to sell the otherone left. The people at the ticketoffice told us to try it cos it was sold out, so we sat down in front of their door holding a sign saying “Biljett till salu”
In the meanwhile, busloads of people arrived, they all looked at our sign but no one approached us. There was a huge line standing in front of the gate and we were getting worried a bit. We agreed to try until 7.30 and then get in.
Nothing happened, and to kill the time I went to look at the cars that arrived, every 3 minute a huge American oldtimer drove in! (to be really honest, we’ve only saw a very very few old Volvos here). 

Robert called me around 7.25, he said that he was about to give the ticket to the people of the ticketoffice, so they could give it to someone for free.
I figured that it was the only right thing to do if we couldn’t sell it; give it away, and I thought back at the time when I got a free Paul Mc Cartney ticket in a similar situation long time ago, and I understood that it would be correct to do, and had peace with it. (the ticket was pretty expensive)
What I’m about to tell you really happened: one minute later, a man came to us and asked about the ticket, how much it was. We explained everything, even sent him in to ask when he didn’t trust it, and then he was more to happy to pay the 800 krones for it! (we paid 840 incl fee)
I think that’s what you call KARMA!!! Haha!!!

The reason we had extra tickets was because we were able to buy row 1 tickets after we already had purchased row 11 tickets. Thanks to Jeffrey who told us to call the venue! Our new seats were really great, and I’m glad we had them cos they were still far from the stage, with that weird water in between. The audience was mostly older, but also some youth. I think the Dalhalla is mostly known for its opera’s and this was one of the first times they had a rock concert.
As we are getting older and wiser, we decided to see what would happen, and not start a fight straight away by standing from the opening notes of the first song..
But as we got at Lodi, with me swinging in my seat like there was no tomorrow, I started to realize it wasn’t the best way to see a rockshow.
John seemed to be in a good mood, and the sound was great so far from the stage!
A lot of people were filming, first they didn’t say anything, but later they were watching from the stage and then came running to stop them. A woman came to the front to dance, and the guy behind her got up to complain… because he was filming and she was in his way!
Three new songs made it to the setlist; first Blue Boy, and later Joy of My Life, with beautiful Randy Kohrs! I think he is taking over the show, he is so omnipresent in every song. Maybe next year it will be “Randy Kohrs featuring John Fogerty” LOL no, we love him, and we hope he will stay for a long while!!
We also LOVE Bob Malone, that organ is just too great, and he’s jumping up and down the whole time, having a party of his own.
Slowly more and more people came to the front to just stand or to dance.
John was saying all kinds of funny stuff, he was looking at the stone walls and said “You all better watch that big crack over there!” (I’m not going to write my reply to that :-D
And “If you jump in the water, we’ll play any song you want!” Micio and I went “ok!” and jumped on the fence. Then I yelled back “and if YOU jump in the water, WE’ll play any song YOU want!” ha,ha,ha, but unfortunately I was to quick and yelled “if you play in the water” in stead of “if you jump in the water”
John looked at me, and you could really see the balloon above his head with “…”  In a way it was funny, but still I’m embarrassed :-D
The first time we got on our feet, and the whole audience with us, was with Looking at my back door, but everyone sat down again.
Bit by bit they stood up a bit more, and we were hopefull. I cant remember when but from a certain time we were on our feet the whole time, incl Jeffrey and his dad. The people behind us were pretty cool about it.
Keep on Chooglin: all that space to dance!! Anne and I jumped on our feet, grabbed the fence to not fall down and danced our butts of!! Two days later, all my muscles still hurt! It was really great, cant imagine having to sit down during that song.
Not long after that, Pretty Woman, yes! And that was directly followed with…I listened to the intro and thought “what is this going to be now?”
Ah, that great, great joy when you realize its one of your all time favourites to dance on!!! Do you wanna kill us John!!??
In the end a lot of people were at the front dancing, one of them was Veronica who joined us, and I think this was maybe my favourite concert so far. We expected it to be different, and it came out great!
Also great was that there were no securities blocking our view while telling the people not to take pictures/film.
Also funny, after the show, most people were going out straight away, but a few rows behind us was a family sitting, all 4 they were drinking homemade coffee from their own cups, and eating homemade sandwiches. They were just sitting there and looking around a bit, not talking, it was the most un rock and roll thing I ever saw after a Fogerty show, and that made it at the same time so cool! I tried to take a picture of them but then others arrived and they put the coffees down. Maybe you had to be there :-)
We had already met Veronica and had some pictures with her, she had to go early (400km to drive!)
We stayed around for a long time, went for a snack (“why is the chickensalad only 30??” “because it looks like shit, but it tastes good!”) and walked all the way back up out of the quarry.
Back at the carpark a beautifull old red and white car (I’m sorry, Alessio is the one for the details) passed us, we gave it thumbs up and cheered, and started the long trek back to the north.


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