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July 4rd, Vinstra Norway

We left the campingsite around 12 cos we didnt really know where to go and maybe had to park miles from the festival etc. We quickly found it, and it was a bit confusing that there were no signs for parking or anything, but we didn’t know yet it was a very small local festival, and we’re pretty sure John was the biggest artist they ever had! Also the smalles festival we ever saw him on! We got our wristbands, asked for posters (thanks!!!) and where to put the car. The girl suggested to park it in front of the supermarket in the village, and as all our stuff was in it, I asked “is that safe?” and her reaction was hilarious, she looked at me like I was crazy and went “yeah, duh!!”
Yeah, we’re not in Western Europe anymore!
But anyway, right now I’d like to say how superfriendly ALL the staff was! Everyone we talked to! Security too, the first one we talked to (about the entrance) kept on nodding to us every time we saw him.
They were just opening when we arrived, and as we had nothing else to do anyway, and as it wasn’t the weather to sit down near the river for a picknick or anything, we went in. They we still building up, I almost bought a cool festival shirt until I noticed Johns name wasn’t on it as only one??
We walked around to look at the small shops, they were selling western stuff like hats, shirts and chaps (? Those leather things with fringes cowboys wear on their legs) and long leather jackets, (and long pyamas!) also sigars and a lot of “native American” stuff.
I’m not sure about the others, but I love old country music and country rock or alternative country, but this was not that type of country.

Checking out the market with Jeffrey

Well, everyone can has his own country music ofcourse.
There wasn’t much to see after looking at the market, and there were no bands yet, so we had some food (again, EXTREME friendly people!! Hats off to you, people of Vinstra!) and then, we just got bored. Bored! Boooorrrrreeeddd, bored. With the boredom came the irritations ofcourse :-) We talked to the truckdrivers who offered to slap the annoying ones amongst us :-P
Jeffrey and his mom and dad in front of the stage
There were no visitors yet, and we sat down in the drinking barn, with Jeffrey and his parents, who we just met. And they shared their snacks with us, thanks! It was also the perfect moment for some crochet, and lets just say I got a lot of work done!
Slowly the place filled up with visitors, and most of them were drunk already.
A band started soundchecking and started singing a song  going “I’m a redneck and I’m always in trouble….” And we all went “oh god”
I sure can appreciate a nice guy in a good western shirt with a hat and boots, and hoped for some eyecandy :-) but the cowboys I saw walking around were not really my type :-( some of them even wore sandals with socks WITH THEIR CHAPS! Hello!)
So lets say there were a lot of “weekend cowboys” and rednecks, but no matter how drunk they got, I didn’t meet one aggressive or annoying one! Even the complete drunks were friendly. Maybe something in the water over there. (but I think Jeffrey has a different opinion)
During the support act I escaped and stood at the side, several drunks came to me to let me sing along or raising their glass (I was in front of the bar) and I just kept smiling and thumbs up and everything was ok. But that’s for later.
Around 6 we slowly went to the front. Still no one in the theatre. 

Only cowboys (and girls) on the festival, a few Fogerty fans, and we wondered what kind of show this was going to be. Linedancing? There was a wooden dancefloor!
We were told that the support act, Vassendgutane (sp?) was a “party country” band with fast songs and I was looking forward to it, expecting some real fun cowpunk or something. Then we were told that their fans only come to get drunk, and we got a bit worried.
Slowly the place filled up. “Redneck songs” on the PA and rednecks on the floor! They were not annoying, but very drunk.
I wondered what I was going to do with my frontrow spot, and thought about exchanging it with one of the supportact bands fans.
When they entered the stage, I feared the worst, but when they started, they didn’t were that fast at all (and no cowpunk for sure) just drunken country. Not my kind. They had some faster songs, but, neh. Maybe if I wasn’t in the front fearing to get a beershower over my clothes (at the start of a Fogerty camping trip) but not now.
So, drunks everywhere, singing along with the music, raising their beers in the air, bumping their beerbellies (F/M) in our backs. After a while I had enough of it and I exchanged places with the girl behind me. Normally always work. I showed her my Fogerty shirt and made sure she understood I wanted my place back.  She was very happy and hugged and kissed me and promised me drinks and everything. And this during the whole time I stood behind her :-) She said she was sorry for bumping into me and I said it was ok as she was only having fun and enjoying the band, and she thought that was so nice of me I got another hug. Robert gave his spot to her friend and after a while I escaped to the side. There I watched the linedancing people, what was fun, and the drunks stumbling around with empty looks in their faces. 

You had to make a big step onto the part where the bar was, and I watched drunk zombies approaching and was going “ok buddy, how will you manage to get up here!” but somehow they all did. I was standing next to some roadies of a band that had to play tomorrow, and we were all watching and every now and then looking at eachother going “…”
I’ve never in my whole life seen something like that!  1000 drunks dressed up as cowboy bumping into eachother and struggling their way across the dancefloor. But also a lot that were still able to dance. And this was only the first day of the festival.
I saw a lot of people from linedance clubs with all the same shirts, some people that looked like mom and dad might have been related, and a lot of people that wouldn’t remember they were here tomorrow, but no handsome alternative cowboys or cool dressed cowgirls. (the market didn’t even sell cowgirl boots :-(
I was just wondering what the heck I was doing there.
And, what was going to happen during Fogerty?? More drunks with waving beer glasses bumping into me??
I got out of the theatre, met some of the JF crew and we exchanged our flabbergasted impressions. He said he has been on a few weird places but never seen something like this, and “even the women! They drink like men!” well, most of them all had the same beerbellies so… :-)

Stig with his cool Revival tattoo!
I got back when the band ended, most got out, and I asked my spot back, and she said “hell no! John Fogerty is coming!”
Yeah duh, that’s why *I* am here! She didn’t understand that I only have her my spot for the first band, and I didn’t wanna get into a fight, so I thought “let it be” but still got out of mood ofcourse. Alessio even wanted to give me HIS spot (and he would stand behind Anne) but Robert Norwegian Fogerty fan neighbour (Stig) talked to her and first she said “we both fit in here, come on!” and she pulled me next to her, but that didn’t work for me (maybe if we were veeeeeeery close friends) in the end she finally understood, and gave my spot back.
She was not a bad person, just miscommunication because of the booze. Not even because of the language barrier. I stayed friendly to her all the time too, so during Fogerty she kept on giving Robert and me high fives and hugs and everything and thumbs up. She’s probably a very sweet woman when she’s sober.
I had my earplugs in all the time as the sound wasn’t good, and feared the worst for John. But there was one of the PA guys, asking about the sound and saying he would be back after the second song to check again.
As soon as John started with Hey Tonight, Robert and I looked at eachother, smiled and took our earplugs out!
After the second song the guy came back at the front, we gave him a smile and thumbs up and he left.
How great is that!!

During Lodi we all pointed back at us when John sang “if I only had a dollar, for every song I’ve sung, every time I had to play, while people sat there drunk”
I’m sure he wasn’t singing about the kind of party drunks like we had around us, but still :-) it felt like the right moment. They were pretty wild and I was glad I was able to hold the fence all the time.
We’re all gratefull that John hired Randy, we all love his guitarwork so much, he does a lot of solo’s and John maybe introduced him 5 times that evening.
Blue Moon nights was beautifull with harmonica and stand up bass.
John was in a great mood again (even if he wasn’t to happy with his sound Ithink, he kept on pointing up to side stage). He made a lot of funny jokes and all of a sudden he said something about all the cowboyhats in the audience, and ofcourse then people threw some onstage. He picked up one, put it on, and threw it back, and then he pointed at Kenny and said “the first one who can throw a hat on that bold head over there, gets a prize” or something hahaha!!
Sneaky picture of John with hat: no pictures allowed :-(
He was also fooling around with Kenny at the intro of Gunslinger I think, he was “drawing guns” and looked at Kenny for the rimshots but he was too late every time. Then he took his pick and threw it at his head :-)
Halfway the show people started running with setlists again, and they took one song out (Somebody Help me I believe) Why, we will never know.
We had a silly MOOSE sign and held it high during Midnight Special, at the FORK/PORK moment. He didn’t look, but we kept it high and so he saw it, and he really had to laugh about it LOL. John, we’re not trying to disturb you, honest!
He kept on going in our direction a few times that was fun too. One time he shouted something like “I’m impressed you guys came all this way down here! It’s the end of the world!” we replied with “only for you Johnnie!” (and for the free range sheep ofcourse)
During Midnight special he sang “if you’re ever in Oslo” and we never heard him change that before!
(though we were not really in or near Oslo, but that’s ok)
The sound was great, maybe a bit loud, but we could hear Johns voice very well.
One of the annoying things was that securities stood in front of you or in the audience going “don’t film!!” (what everyone was doing with their cellphones) all the time or giving warnings at annoying people. One time I saw the girl leaning over to Jeffrey to check if he was taking a pic or filming that was funny. (less funny was that the guy in front of us didnt allow any pictures at all)

After the show the drunk woman came to say goodbye to me and hugged me once again and with whole of my heart I wished her “get home safe, sweetie”
Jeffrey and parents came to us and they had a very annoying drunk behind them all the time.

We went to get one more drink and went back to the car, what still was there, and went home. It must have been 2 am before I slept.

And again I’m sorry for any weird words and typo’s!

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