vrijdag 13 juli 2012

July 12th: Aalborg, Denmark - Eindhoven, Netherlands

Like Dali once said: “every goodbye is the birth of a memory”. I think truer words never have been spoken. Still sad that we had to leave Egon and Bente behind :-( 

They have been taking so good care for us, always make us feel so welcome and at home, such great friends!
It’s the people like that, that make the tour even possible!
Today is also the end of the Scandinavian lap of our trip, we’re going home again. Two more to go, but it wont be as cool and relaxed. On the other hand, hopefully there wont be as much drunks either hopefully! (its almost impossible)

Anne and I did a nap before we left, and the men didn’t, and one of them is sleeping already (no its not the one behind the wheel :-) >> the one behind the wheel is flipping his finger to a very slow truckdriver that decided to pass several trucks uphill causing a line of about 100 cars behind us<
I’m wearing the last clean clothes, and they don’t go together but I don’t care :-) and I just bought a bag of Tyrkish Peber candy mmm!!

The Danish landscape looks very… cute in a way. Small hills, small patches of land in different colors of green, with a golden touch, and small groups of trees.

We’re stuck in a huge trafficjam, we’re not moving very fast and the driver has to pee! He is just this much away from pulling over and peeing on the safety shoulder. Now we can see the blinking lights of ambulance/police in the distance, hopefully meaning we’re out of this quick!
OMG a truck has driven in the fields, I see several firetrucks, and police. I don’t know how he did it, he passed the barrier, flew over a ditch, and now standing there like he parked it. At least it looked like no one was harmed.
We found a truckstop, but when we got there we saw another accident and a car with a trailer with a wheel that broke off. Makes you realize how lucky we have been so far!

Owww… we just officially left Scandinavia :-( we’re in Germany again, and that’s “just” the neighbour of Belgium and the place I go shopping every month.

Now we have our second traffic jam: welcome in hamburg; at least no one has to pee now. Aaaahh dear, we’re pretty stuck here, and we still have 500 kms to go :-( someone behind us got out and started linedancing. I got out for a walk too. The highway is completely closed, there are maybe 20 cars in front of us, and then its empty. The other direction was closed too. Welcome at Carpark A7!  I cant see what they are doing but maybe we don’t wanna know. We almost lost two hours already, and we still want to eat something too.

Its night now (meaning its dark :-) and here on the german autobahn, we were passed a few times by idiots driving at least 200!!! We’re almost in Holland now, but I feel ok about it. Getting closer to a nice bed. We’ll sleep at Alessio’s mums place.

0.54; we’re back in Holland.

1.28:  allmost home!!
Alessio is about to hit his mothers car :-D he just made a detour cos I needed some extra time to sort out the pictures, and Anne and I kept on laughing about the failed ones, we’re so tired and cheesy. We especially like the one I tried to take from James Intveld last night LOL.
We were warmly welcomed by Alessio’s mum and NOW I M GOING TO SLEEP!!!!

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