vrijdag 6 juli 2012

05 juli > happy b-day Tries! :-)

On our way from Norway to Sweden. We can change the money in our purses once again (one day we’ll be trying to pay with the wrong money I’m sure)
We woke up too early, we could have slept for quite some more hrs! I think we’re getting used to the camping life. We took down the tent, packed up the car (not so well, now we have less space, I think Anne and me have to do that. Then we went to the supermarket/mall we saw earlier to get breakfast and lunch.

To our surprise, it was even more expensive than the small 7/11 we went to earlier, but we bought some nice stuff. There was once again all kinds of products we never saw before, the foodie in me wanted to try it all! And some things were prenounced the same like at home (bloemkool=blomka°l=bloemkool) Ohdear Alessio is driving again :-D just kidding.
Its funny how when we left home I was so organized in the car and now there’s stuff everywhere flying around the car! Theres a bag of muesli between the handbrake and the dashboard, and the sigarettelighter-plug-socket divider (do I make any sense :-D) turns out to be a great place to store your gasstation tickets.
Our gps sent us through the desolated sheep road again, first I was a bit sad because it would never be as spectacular as the first time, and maybe it wasn’t but it was a lot of fun in a different way. First time we were more overwhelmed and stunned and speechless, but the scenery is so great that it will take your breath away everytime.
I wanted to take another picture so we pulled over at a small parking spot, got and and right away some sheep came to take a look and say hi again :-) They were by far not tame, but I think they are just very curious animals. Alessio, Anne and me tried to get to the “edge” of the cliff we were standing on, but when we got there it just continued down. We were walking on rocks with moss, yellow moss and other things we don’t have at home. 

When we were there we heard the sheep bleating and the bells were ringing, we turned around and saw them all come to Robert, who stayed at the car and was eating a sandwich. Robert was going “baa! Baa! Baa!”
And the sheep “baaaaa!!! Baaaa!!” they didn’t dare to come to close, we saw he was holding up something them and  we could hear him going “baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa!baa!” we really had to laugh, it was such a funny sight.

We went back to the car, they ran away, and then we found out Robert was trying to call them holding my Timmy the Sheep!! I always knew he is not normal hahahaha that’s why I love him!!!
I also realized its not that bad the groceries are expensive here, because you get all that stunning nature for free!
Second stop we made was just across a fast flowing wild river with rocks, there was a little picknick table and we wanted to have lunch there, but the place was swamped with mosquitoes and wasps and bees, so we ended up having lunch inside our car, that was parked next to the picknicktable. A few moments later two german bikers stopped for a break too, I think they didn’t see the sign that “a parked car with 4 people making sandwiches next to a very nice picknicktable” says LOL.  

We’re in Sweden again!

Back on the road again we crossed forests,  not very dense (?) nor with high trees, with rocks in between the trees, we saw again magestic mountains, rivers, lakes with amazing views…. We were on a very curvy road and Alessio liked (he was driving) it but for Anne and me it’s a bit too curvy! (yes, we both closed our laptops for a while) Oh and theres loooots of dutch cars too. The only tourists we see are dutch, apart from 2 german cars.
Everywhere we go we see old American oldtimers! We just passed a tiny village and saw several parked, and a ’59 pink Cadillac just passed us.
Here the scenery is a bit boring again. A big forest with a one lane road in between, and no signs of life between the little villages, apart from some wintersport areas.

Now a few questions: why is the grass on the Norwegian roofs? Isolation of the roof? Becoming one with nature? Sheep with long legs? :-)
Are the Swedish houses all the same dark red color because in the very old day they used reindeerblood as paint??

This little town has more then 10 oldtimers already!!
And EVERY town (and village) has a sign saying “loppis” that means “fleamarket” or “garagesale”

We found a very big camping site at the lake and they had  a nice spot between all those big campers (European big, not American big) we were all so tired and frustrated and the tent was standing on rocks so the mood went downhill once again :-D Its not always fun on the road!! But in the end, the tent got up, we cleaned ourselves up a bit (it has been 30° or something) and went to find a restaurant. Went into town, saw only a few houses, a coffeebar, a Thai take away and a kebab shop, so we went back and had a good meal at the campings restaurant. We were all desperate for a real meal I think! The salad was delicious and the fries were good too, I ate way too much, burrp! Then we tried the fantastic lounge chairs (almost felt asleep in it) and we went to take a look at the bridge that leads to a small island. We had a nice walk over the beach, and the lake reminded me of the lake we have spend some time in Austria, Bodensee (I think its called Lake Konstanz in English) it really felt like a holiday, Fogerty was far away.

When we wanted to enter the bridge, we saw a guy with a hat and we went like “hey, James Intveld, haha, hoho…uh… OMG it IS James Intveld!!”

He was together with Curtis and Dave and Nate, and we had a small chat. They did the sheepie road too with the big tourbus!! And they went a bit silly when I asked “did you go out to cuddle them?” No details but it was funny :-D Then Robert tried to explain Dave that my lastname means sheep in dutch, and Dave thought it was my given name. No dave, dutch people are not THAT weird! Anyway I am glad he didn’t start bleating to me!! They tried to pronounce my name and that was funny too, he came close and James (dutch roots) and I went “more like you are choking!” and he went “Petra Sgggggaap!” hahahaha :-D
Then we left them alone as they looked a bit tired.
When we walked ahead, we laughed about how we ruined their morning off tomorrow, they probably don’t dare to get out of the hotel anymore now they know we’re here. And there is such a nice beach here!

Back at the tent Alessio noticed that our neighbours across the path are dutch, and he called me “ohno, dutch people” :-D (yeah, we’re so patriotic!) we were the only non Swedes on the camping so far. Anyway, I said “maybe its Jeffrey?” ha, ha, but then we took a closer look and saw a way to familiar looking van, we walked over to take a look and SURE it was Jeffrey and his parents! (and their doggy) how weird its that, it’s a huge camping! (and I’m not even sure there are more campings here) Then some internet, but we gave up after maybe half an hour cos the mosquitoes are back! They are fewer than earlier in Asele, but these ones are way eviler, so we went to sleep. We’re getting used to the tent now, esp since Robert sleeps in the car every night. We all offered to sleep in the car but he says its ok. I’ve slept in the car before and its not bad, but not ideal of course.

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