dinsdag 3 juli 2012

03 juli WOOOOOOW

Good morning! We just passed the town of Jvstn! :-D No typo!
We’re driving around in southern Lapland! Its very pretty around here, more forest, but now we have stunning views between the trees, hills, lakes, very pretty. Also the side of the road is covered with colored flowers. A bit funny is that the “highway” (that is only a one way road here) has the same color as bicycle paths in Holland, so it looks like we’re driving on a big bicycle path :-D
We’re having a lot of fun again but we’re very tired.
And now we’re in a trafficjam in the middle of nowhere :-D
WAAAAAAAAAT!!!!! We just entered a tiny town called BYE !!!! hahahahaha!!!
And right now Robert and Alessio are singing stupid songs in baritone voices!! They are getting completely crazy and bored and retarded, but that’s ok that’s how they are ;-)

Oooo we just saw a whole HERD of reindeer! At least 11 of him! In all colors! Well not rainbowcolors offcourse :-D but white and grey and brown and mix!
This time we didn’t start screaming but just a very well ment and loud “waaaauuww!!”
We turned around to take a look, offcourse when they saw us they walked away, so we got out of the car (Anne and me) and followed them (they are not dangerous, will not attack humans, only run away if they’re scared) there was a little cottage and when we passed it, all of a sudden we were standing almost face to face with two big guys! We scared them so they ran away, and when they were near the other ones, they all started running, and we were following them (walking, not running, we didn’t want to scare them more) going “nooo! Don’t run away please!” well they did, they disappeared between the cottages.
What a great experience! We felt so lucky! Robert and Alessio were convinced they were not really wild ones (unlike the ghost one we saw yesterday>>> in case you missed it, it was not a moose but a reindeer. But for us it will always be The GhostMoose or The Albino Moose and we’re still making moose jokes) but still, I don’t see a herd of reindeer wandering along the road everyday!!
The mountains with eternal snow turn up! We’re getting very close to the Norwegian border!

We just met the BAND!!! ON OUR WAY TO NORWAY!!!
I cant believe this!!!
We drove passed the town of Härjendalen, and all of a sudden there was a big black bus at the side of the road near a truckstop. Robert said “theres the band!” and we went “yeah, haha, hoho” but then we looked at it and I noticed it was the same bus that was in front of the hotel in Oulu, so we pulled over and went to say hi.
They were just as surprised as us, and we had a big laugh about it. Robert went to get the car (to show off the plate :-) and we felt a bit silly and well I don’t know what all happened but we were fooling around with Kenny :-D and just fooling around in general :-) We kept on apologizing about that we probably smelt like we’been on the road for days and slept in tents cos that’s what we did :-) I also felt a bit bad that I was standing there in my slippers and my old adidas pants. At least I combed my hair this morning :-) We also exchanged reindeer experiences (I think someone said they almost hit one) And sort of what happens in Härjendalen, stays in Härjendalen ;-) but it was really really cool and fun and I’m extremely happy that we were able to meet them and esp Randy cos he’s the New Guy and we never met him! 
We didn’t wanna bother them too much and went on our way, very awake again!

Oohhh!! We just saw some wooly creatures cross the road! Maybe mountain goats? Wild sheep? (escaped sheep? :-) Anne saw sheep in a grass field that were shorter than the grass haha!

Just before we met the band, we saw a sign that said “meteorite”, and an arrow, this time everyone DID started to scream again, going “TURN AROUND TURN A-ROUND!!!!” so all Robert could do was turn around, we parked the car and went to take a look. It was a big “hole” in the woods, 44m in diameter, and about 5 meters deep. We wondered if we would find some dead dinosaurs in it but not. It was pretty cool to see, not uber spectacular, but I was a bit to tired to link the hole in the ground with a meteorite. Normally I would go bazurk about such stuff, I hope the realization comes when I rested a bit.

Norway is sooooo pretty!! There is so much to see! Just beauty everywhere! Old wooden houses with grass on the roof, old wooden houses with stunning wooden decoration on the entrance, mountains with eternal snow, views that belong in travel brochures,  small zigzaggy rivers with water splashing on the rocks in it. We also saw eternal snow on the side of the road! There is much more to see then in Sweden, esp yesterday when it was only trees, trees, trees, trees, and hills with trees, divided by a concrete road and that’s all. There weren’t even flowers or anything on the side. It was pretty boring, but at the same time impressive that we were in the middle of absolutely (sorry) fucking NO-WHERE. I cant imagine how it is to live there! Every now and then we saw “villages” that consisted of 3 houses! Today we’re seeing more and more signs of civilisation, first there still was a long part of nothing, but then tiny villages showed up, small towns, and later a bit “normal world” again.
We’re driving straight towards one of the most impressive mountains I’ve ever seen. I’ve said it before, but I can only feel humble towards mother nature here! The earth is so beautifull, we should be gratefull and treat it with respect!
Oh wait Sweden had funny statues and art everywhere; mostly made of wood.
Its looks like if a lot of farmsteads have their own chapel on their grounds? Maybe they still want to be able to go to church even when they’re snowed in???

We stopped at a camping restaurant to get a coffee and it was nice to sit outside on their deck for a while after sitting in the car all day. We didn’t have lunch somewhere, we just made sandwiches in the car (bought the stuff yesterday in Finland) most of the food is so full of preservatives that its still good :-/ but the garlic spread had a bit of a funky taste so we didn’t use that. I’m really being cheap all the time, but hey that’s how we do it! Also only spend 5 euro per person in the first camping so that was pretty cool.

Alessio is driving now and Robert took a nap, and we’re listening to the Best Of David Bowie. We’re seriously not listening to CCR or Fogerty in the car on Fog-trip!! I brought my mp3 player but I only put Stacie Collins and Bottle Rockets on it.

The GPS wanted to send us through someones driveway!!!!!!! And now we’re on some weird curvy mountain road :-S I hope the band has a better GPS as we :-D And as we’re in the Norwegian Wood, we thought we’d better sing the song too but we only get to “I once had a moose, or should I say, she once had meeeee” and then lalalalalala, lalalala, hmmm hmmmm, Norwegian Wooood”
I freaked out a bit when we were passing those steep hills, and they were teasing me and singing songs like “Once, I hit a tree, or should I see, it once hit me” and stuff like “what would one think when you fall down a cliff? Just OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG?? Or nothing??”

WTF there we go again, there are no words or pictures to describe this. We’re on the top of the mountains, surrounded by snow, rocks, moss, (no trees!) and… free range SHEEP!!! Yes, we’ve seen sheep before, but trust me, this place is beyond words! !!!!! Its absolutely desolated and absolutely GORGEOUS! I cant describe this! It reminds Alessio, Anne and me of Iceland, apart from the smell. And those tiny clear waterstreams!
The only thing we could do was pull over in clear sight, and we got out to say hi to the sheep. They were very curious and a few walked up to us to take a look at us. Some had little lamb and they followed too and they were just so CUTE!!!!! Some were just passing within a few feet from me.
We’re all so impressed, we all want to put up our tent here and stay for a while, just look at scenery. We’re 1100meters elevated and have such an amazing view we can see for miles and miles around, only see mountains and valleys and never ending sight of extreme pretty desolated nature, not a house or a building in sight. Aw shoot we just turned a corner and theres some wooden houses again (imagine living HERE) but in the distance, nothing! This road is called Friisvegen, maybe its some kind of national park. But all we can say is we all lost our heart here. I’ll never find the words to describe what we just experienced, but stuff like this is why we follow Fogerty around, its not only the concerts, it’s the experience!
And like Anne just said, the cool thing about the stuff that happened today (and yesterday!) is that we didn’t plan anything of it, it just happened! And right now I hear “oh, life is good” coming from the backseat, and I can only agree with that.

I wish I could say we had a great first night in the tent, but we didn’t!
Though we had a nice camping with SUPERFRIENDLY owners, and I don’t say that because they’re dutch but because they are SUPERFRIENDLY and caring for their guests.
we were the only ones with a tent, so we were told to stand wherever we want, so we choose a very nice spot facing a lake and the sunset behind a mountain. But!
You know how annoying it is when a mosquito flies around your ear?
Can you imagine how annoying it is when 100.000 mosquitoes fly around your ears!!!! I’ve never seen so many ever before!!
We tried to set up the tent, but all those bugs!!! Even without the risk of getting stung, it was just annoying that a cloud of bugs around your head!
Soon we gave up trying to keep them out of the tent/car, and we went back to the reception to have a drink, and go online, and also, just to get away from those things!! At that moment, I could only think about the mosquitos! I felt so doomed! Nothing else mattered! Mosquitoes!!
Felt so happy when we went inside, we went online and had a drink (Swedish beer that wasn’t very good) and Robert went to ask for something for the mosquitos, and she lent us a bottle of strong stuff smelling like tar, to put some drops on our pillow. She also told that this place is infamous for mosquitos and that they are way more aggressive then at home, and that she wears a mosquito net when she walks her dog, just like a bee keeper! I felt more desperate every moment, but we decided to give it a try with the drops.
We just found out that our airbeds don’t all fit in the tent :-D so we had to throw one out, and I let Robert has his as he is one of the drivers and has a bad back. I had two of those thin thingies to sleep on, but Anne and Alessio only had one each.
When we first got in the tent, I just got in my sleeping bag, laying on my back, and was so tired that I thought I was going to fall asleep.
But it turned out into a night of way to hard floor, and it got so cold! I had a blanket, but when I turned around everytime it fell off. I did sleep a bit, cos I dreamed about having a beer with one of the members of the Bottle Rockets LOL but it felt like I was awake the whole night.
At least everyone else was awake to :-D
When the others went to have breakfast, I rolled on Roberts airbed and it felt like a four star hotel bed!!
I took all the stuff out of the car (tent has to go in first) had some fruit, had to keep walking in circles cos the mosquitos were attacking me again :-( I have several bites, and the others maybe one or two! I have several in my face, on my butt, on my legs, and when I was standing outside, they bit me through my socks in my feet!
Anne and I did the most of the packing and the men were surprised that there was “way more space” in the car. Yeah duh!! ;-)

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