maandag 2 juli 2012

02 juli Oulu-Asele (sweden)

First things first!!!
Two hours ago, we had a MOOSE next to our car!!!! A real one!! It was awesome and scary at the same time, because it was very white and it looked like a ghost :-) I always supposed moose were dark because on the roadsigns warning for them, they are black :-D Anyway all of a sudden Robert went “what is that?” and there was this all fluffy, pale animal walking out of the woods. It was maybe in total 1,50 meters big, and it had very weird straight antlers that looked like handlebars to me (no bicycle bell though)
After we (or I) stopped screaming, we grabbed our cameras to take a picture. My picture turned out a bit weird but Anne’s picture is better. We were behind it now and slowed down, it started walking a bit faster, and then it finally was smart enough to go back into the woods. We still wonder if it was an abino moose or a young moose, as his antlers were a bit furry too (as it looked to me) If it was abino, it would have had red eyes and that scares the shit out of me right now hahahahaha. 

The next hour we spent going crazy about our encounter, decided to name our car The Moose (cos its also white) and we imagined how weird it would be like “where did we park the moose?” or “we need to fill up the moose” or “we put new tires on the moose” and then we started renaming Creedence and Fogerty songs and we came up with stuff like Moose on the Bayou, Bad Moose Rising, Fortunate Moose, It came out of the Moose, the old Moose down the road, Moose of my life, Who’ll stop the Moose, Big Moose from Memphis,  and other intelligent stuff. Maybe you had to be there but we were laughing so much, we were all crying, it was just that we didn’t have space to fall on the floor.

We’re on the road again!! The car is PACKED!  We have 3 seats in the back, and one of them is packed with stuff, and after the first turn stuff already started flying around!!
I’m eating karjalanpiirakka, a very tasty Finnish salty snack made of ryeflour and rice, I never had something like that! (and not with ryeflower, thanks Anne :-)
We’re heading for the superinteresting town of Haparanda, on the border Sweden and Finland and on top of the Gulf of Bothnia (I think its called like that, but my mind is pulling tricks on me) Its just so cool that we finally drive around it, after taking the nightboat to Finland so many times!
Funny and nice thing about driving in Scandinavia, is that they move to the side of the road a bit when you want to pass! There is a LADA in front of us keeping everyone up now! HAHAHA we already said there was an old man in it and it really was we just finally passed it.
The scenery is very pretty, lots of forest, sometimes we cross rivers with fast flowing water and rocks.
This morning we had a discussion about the infamous “moose test” and cars tipping over. It’s a whole story, first the Finns said it’s a aprils fool joke but now it turns out its partly true.  (is this important info for you? Maybe not, sorry, we’re so corny all the time already :-D

Very chaotic morning, all taking showers etc, re-packing the car, and we went to the supermarket to get rit of the empty cans (a whole trashbag full!) 

returning 10 euro worth of 15 cent cans :-)

Jukka, Tarja, Aarno and Robert having coffee

Aarno bought the poster and collected most of the autographs after the show!
and to buy some fruits and veggies (might be last vitamins this week :-) It wasn’t going very fast, its complicated when you don’t understand anything. I learned a few new words, but I will probably forget them again as always cos they don’t make any sense for me. I noticed already that groceries are more expensive here then at home, but if you live here,  other things are cheaper then in western Europe, like rent for example.
Jukka, Aarno and his wife Tarja came over for coffee and posters and Alessio went to buy a (current?) converter for in the car, it looks very dangerous and something that belongs on stage with John.

We’re in Haparanda now, we just saw the most northern IKEA in the world :-D and it was very cool to enter Sweden just like that. Sweden is called “Ruotsi” in Finnish :-D we thought it was just another town. I’m sad for leaving Finland, but happy for being back in Sweden again! And the language makes sense to me again. (and one hour back in time, that’s a great gift for travellers) There was a sign saying “Sweden” (or probably “sverige”) but not a real border, just like at home when you go to germany or Holland.

Now we’re in the middle of nowhere for quite a while already. Theres only forest here, hills with forest as far as the eye can see. We only see cars every 15 minutes. Every now and then there are roadsigns for tiny villages. 

Apart from that, its just forest. Trees, trees, trees! We’re looking for a camping now but there is nothing here. We saw a roadsign for a camping but it send us down a dirtroad and then we could turn around anymore, so we had to drive backwards. Robert didn’t see anything in his side mirrors because of the sun, and nothing in his rearviewmirror, so Alessio had to hang out of the car giving directions going “a bit to the right! Now a bit to the left! TO THE LEEEEFT!!!” Well we made it. 
Where is this taking us?? We couldnt even turn :-S

So Alessio had to stick out his head to look what we were doing while driving backwards

AS WE SPEAK: Robert hit the breaks (slowly) because there was a fox about to cross the road! It looked very, very pretty and a bit scared of us. I’m glad he decided to wait with crossing!

We’re on a camping now and its swamped with mosquitos.
We were very happy to find it at first, and the funny part was that its owned by Dutch people. When we walked in, the kids inside the reception went “Mam!! Gasten!!” hahaha.
We’ll be going to sleep soon now cos we’re tired. Its still light outside and that’s very confusing for your mind.
Fantastic spot for our tent; in a field with flowers and trees, next to a lake, view on mountains with sunset, if it wasnt for those damn mosquitoes....

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