vrijdag 29 juni 2012

friday 29: Stockholm-Mariehamn-Helsinki

Happy birthday Ben and Betty Lou! :-)
We’re on a real slow boat to Helsinki now, just as Doug Sahm sings (or used to sing) and right now we’re docked in the harbour of Mariehamn, a big island between Stockholm and Helsinki and I think its cool to finally see it cos normally we arrive here in the middle of the night. (does it really excist?? Yes!) We’re sitting in the pub listening to a guy named Steve Webb singing he is pretty good.

We arrived in Stockholm around noon, everything went well, and I felt so happy to be back!! We had to find out first where we had to check in, then parked the car and went for a walk on Södermalm, one of the island that Stockholm excists of. Bought some food and a little shop had a big sign on the window “liquorice from Iceland and Holland!!” I couldn’t care less about the dutch liquorice but Iceland; yes, they had my favourite!
We had an icecream and walked around a bit more, I noticed there’s a lot of very hip people here, but I think I’m out of Amsterdam for too long already, maybe I turned into a girl from the country :-)
Around 15.00 we were able to get onboard of the Mariella, and thanks to Robert’s good booking deal, we have quite a nice cabin. Its very small, but it has a sofa that turns into a bed so we can sit a bit, and a table and bathroom, just all we need. Too bad it doesn’t have a window for fresh air.
We went to sleep straight away, but woke up when the safety instructions were announced through our radio (in 3 languages) I slept a bit later, but the lack of fresh air woke me up and found out Robert hasn’t been sleeping at all.

We explored the ship a bit and already there’s people running around half naked and drunk :-D There are pubs and a club here and it’s a bit weird/funny to see all those teens going crazy like they’re on their first date out/clubbing in a fancy town in stead of on a ferryboat.

Tomorrow Fogerty!! We both don’t realise it, but the mood will be there as soon as we meet Anne and her parents and Alessio! Weather forecast isn’t that good, it might even rain L

So after tomorrow I have more to share here and probably less time to put it here, but I will go online when I can!

Apologizes for any typo’s or weird words, didn’t have much sleep… (yes yes, will go back to bed in a few moments!)

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