maandag 13 februari 2012

Sunday in Los Angeles

Holy cow I cant imagine how much we walked around today and yesterday! Looks like someone stretched out LA when we didnt look... everything is so far away! (I wonder why I forgot that, its my 5th time here :-) < and loving it.

We walked towards Johns star around 9.30 and it took us forever to get there cos everyone was taking pictures of every turd and every star. Lots of weirdo's around but it wasnt dangerous. (as its not a nice place to walk around late at night) Guessy was waiting for us at Johns star.

The horror: the star was dirty! But no worries: Michi brought a wet cloth from the hotel and Martina felt designated to clean the star, and did so. (Getting  lots of attentions from other people)
I think we broke our record of "biggest amount of pictures taking on one place" this trip! How many pics can you take of a star? A lot, I'll tell you!

Peter Sutter took his new guitar with him and several posed with it. Then we started making a crazy composition and before we knew it we were turning it into some crazy stuff and added things like all our caps, fanclubcards, guitarpicks, notebooks, etc. We got a lot of attention from people passing and one asked me "are you guys from out of town?" my response "does it show?" haha :-) He said he liked Fogerty and wanted to know if he was going to play or was around. Actually he was arround, I assume, as he lives nextdoor in Beverly Hills! (that was a bit weird idea, that he was in town most likely)
How many pictures can you take! It just didnt stop.

Then Sary and Tom sat down and sang a few songs together with the guitar and that gathered quite a crowd, several people stopped to watch and everyone looked, even on the other side of the street. One guy asked Sary wheres your amp. Also another guy asked someone "should I give a dollar?" but he got the response "nah, we're just having fun here"
A few more pics as we didnt have enough yet, and then Guessy came back and took it to another level ahaha and I decided to join in. She's crazy and I like it! (at one point a guy walked by wearing neon orange sneakers, she looked at him and went "i didnt know they make shoes out of trafic cones now" LOL)

Finally, the group split up and we arranged to be back at the hotel at six, and everyone went his way. Guessy Robert and me crossed the street on our way to a quick lunch from the Fresh and Easy or something, a nice big supermarket. I read a lot of negative stuff about it on Yelp but it was ok, they had fun stuff! Unfortunately limited time. Also our first encounter with a fully automatic check out! That was bizar! (but it will costs a lot of jobs when that goes big! and you cant chitchat with a machine!) Then we went upstairs for some coffee and a bite at a small place with a super, super, super friendly owner.(sorry for breaking down your toilet! and no, readers, you dont wanna know details, at least it wasnt me haha)
Robert and I were a bit on a schedule and we decided to split up as Guessy had to check out from her hotel. (by teh way, from what she told, she won the lotery with that hotel!) We walked towards Sunset for Amoeba records (yes, another one, I think we had them all now) > thanks for finding out Guessy! I still wanted to see Hot Topic so I went back to Hollywood Blvd and arranged to meet with Robert at 2 or 2.30 at the entrance of the shop. As its one of the biggest record shops in the world, we figured he would be buisy for a while. I ran back to Hollywood Blvd and was so excited when I saw Hottopic from a distance, and so dissapointed when I went in! Almost all the alternative clothes dissapeared and a lot of corny stuff took over, like those t-shirts you see in every souvenir shop.

So, as I still had some time, next goal was a bag or suitcase. I quickly checked out one tourist shop near Hollywood/Highland and ofcourse they were terrible expensive. I decided to walk towards Amoeba on Hollywood blvd (Sunset and Hollywood blvd run paralel, close to eachother) and checked out other shops for bags and ofcourse like I thought they got cheaper every step I got further away from the Kodak Theatre.
Ran into Ushi and Ottmar, saw another vintage shop with a lot of boots, but I guess it just wasnt ment to be. But I loved the search for them! Also some small clothes shops I searched for dresses we dont have at home but no luck. The further I got, the smaller the clothes in the shops became and the higher the heels! I guess its THE place to be for strippers and pornactrices to buy clothes hahaha it was funny to see all those shopwindows with funky clothes and bizar boots.
Lots of funky people too :-D I saw a woman that looked a bit funny and when I passed her I noticed it was a guy with make up and a beard.
At a certain point I turned right and just as when Robert and I did when we turned right earlier, I was suprised to see such a quiet and normal street! It wasnt quite a surburban street, but still complete weird to be a street crossing one of the most famous streets in the world.
Two guys walked towards me and I automatically wanted to get on the street to pass them but one of them jumped in a flower bed and said "because YOU have right of way!" hahaha!! (= jij hebt voorrang!)
Sunset blvd doesnt look very exciting at that part, lots of cheap motels and car stuff and pharmacies and fastfood chains etc.
But In-n-Out burger is cool as always ;-)

Some exitement came from a racing LAPD bombsquad car and firetrucks. In the distance Amoeba appeard and as I still had a bit time, and as I noticed a street market, I decided to look around a bit. It was a farmers market with local venders and there was a small mall with alternative little shops.
More bombsquad cars when I came back on Sunset, hmmm!!! (maybe its normal in LA, cant remember I ever saw those before)
I went back to Amoeba at 2 and waited at the entrance, and when Robert didnt show up I decided to look for him. I climbed on the stairs to get an overview and HOLY COW thats not a record shop, its a record fair!!! :-O
Didnt find Robert though, walked around at the entrance and no sign of him. So I went to the bag check in guy (bigger backs are not allowed in a lot of bigger shops) and described Roberts backpack, and it wasnt there!
I got a bad feeling straight away, did he leave, and why, or did he never arrive?? And what about all those bombsquad cars?!
I tried to calm down and made another walk across the market, got a cappuccino and went back. Still no Robert.

Then across the street, I saw a delegation of Germans, I can whistle on my fingers very loud, so everyone within a circle of half a mile looked around, exept for them :-) another time, and the looked and saw me. I ran to them and they said they saw Robert and he was in the hotel allready!!! ARGH!
Ah I was happy everything was ok, and walked back to the hotel also. When I was allmost there I saw another Trader Joe's so I might go there one more time to get lunch.

Robert was taking a nap and I woke him up, sat down for a while (I dont know how many miles I walked again today, but thats good for all those calories) and we went to get a suitcase. We found one for a good price not too far from the hotel, I hope it doesnt fall apart!! I also hope Lufthansa doesnt charge too much for the extra check in bag! (and that we all get the 3 guitars with us as carry on)

We walked back to Sunset to see what else was east of Amoeba. It looked more exiting than it was, just some restaurants and coffeeshops and more pharmacies and car shops and... Thriftshop!!
The shop was called "Out of the closet" and the money goes to AIDS/HIV research. I found some fun stuff there, and they also had a LOT of SUITCASES for a very good price hahahahahaha!!! we decided not to be bothered with it :-D Robert went through the elpees and a guy next to him asked "did you see any Whitney Houston?" geeezz, does that start now allready?
After that we went to Starbucks on the corner. It was a tiny one with only a few tables for two situated near the wall, maybe 5 in a row. ALL the 5 tables were taken by a person hidden behind a laptop! we looked at it and wondered if we maybe walked in an office or something. The few tables near the window the same thing.

Turning left on Gower we were hit by the cool view of the Sign nearby. Our hotel wasnt far (and is located directly south from the sign, but from our room you can only see a wall) and we started packing our bags, and went downstairs at 6 again.

On our way to the House of Blues!
when we were almost there, we got a textmessage from Guessy saying "HOB is closed, come across the street" so I assumed she meant "HOB opens at 7 and we're having a drink across the street"
We missed their parkinglot, and it was quite an aventure to get back there (making a U turn on Sunset only works if you're not affraid to die I guess)
Guessy was waiting for us and explained that the HOB wasnt going to open AT ALL, because of the Grammy's! There was going to be a party with Rhianna for 1000$ per ticket.
We still dont understand they didnt know that when we made the reservation, but whatever, thanks to our dear friends (I am not sure who arranged it) we were able to get in across the street in the Saddle Ranch.

We met Bayou Ed and his lovely daughther, Lisa was there and Dana too, and Dan and Carol again.
As soon as we walked in I noticed the bull pen in the middle and the mechanical bull. Oh goodness!
we were seated directly next to it (behind the fence offcourse) I ordered a small beer, and the Germans at the other end of the table a BIG beer :-D Another cobb salad for me, and I wanted to try the sweet potatoe fries.
The beer completely knocked me off of my feet. I dont know if the others noticed, but I only took like 4 sips and allmost felt on the floor. Theres not a "no alcohol on tour" rule for nothing! I really felt bad for about an hour and told Robert that when I would go down, it was just the combination of alcohol and exhaustement. But luckly I was able to stay on my chair, and after I had some food it went better quick.
In the mean time they got the Grammys on and it was fun to watch, at least the artists I knew, and couldnt hear much anyway. Very noisy restaurant! Got worse when the first person got on the bull, everyone started screaming and yelling :-D the guy got thrown off within 10 seconds :-D
Several brave (or drunk and stupid) people got on the bull, and we all cheered for them and laughed when they were thrown of. The least embarissing ways were just to fall off, but that were only a few hahaha.
The guy operating it gave some of them quite a hard time! Several girls got on there too, they all got extra cheers, there was one that stayed on really long and the house exploded. There was also one that kept on falling over with her face on the bulls head and her butt in the air :-D I cant ever explain what the bull did but we all nearly felt from our chairs laughing. Then there was a girl with big boobies, who got instant attention from all the guys, inclusive the guys on our table, and the ones with their backs to the bull were very quick with turning around hehe.

Boobies!! :-D

There was one guy who didnt get thrown off, I wonder if he won something??
In the mean time I had great chats with Lisa and Dana and we all got cookies to take with us from the lovely Carol!! (and some pics!)

We stayed there a long time and it was a very nice night. After dinner the waitress brought a H-U-G-E cottoncandy thing on a stand! wow! even better; she said it was from the house! how cool was that!
Mmmm cotton candy, had been a while.

After dinner we had to say goodbye to the non europeans, boohoo, and we drove back to the hotel. Now normally it isnt hard to get back, but as you cant turn around easy, the first car decided to do a small detour around the block. Its either that, or they put the GPS on "touristic detour" cos we went up in the Hollywood Hills!! The view was great but we were wondering what was going on and a lot of laughter coming from the backseat. And no, we didnt pass the Sign. When we finally got back down on Sunset we passed a Grammy party (no weird people in our van, not a Granny party nor Tranny party) We saw another one on Hollywood blvd and anotherone just around the corner at EMI (recordcompany) who had all the redcarpet and bigstars things going on.

Back in the hotel another champaign, and if I have some time tomorrow before we go I hope I can walk around a bit more to see stuff, but the thing is that Los Angeles is not the kind of city to walk around in to see things. Still cant imagine that I forgot how huge this place is.

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