zondag 12 februari 2012

Saturday in Los Angeles

Hi everyone, I know I am way beyond on several days, but I WILL update them soon! I try to write at least a bit about everyday, but the rest will be here too!

Saturday. The other 10 went sightseeing and we didnt wanna come, and I wanted to see Melrose Ave.
I think I didnt tell yet we're in a different hotel then I thought we'd be. The original one was around the corner of the Kodak Theatre, but this one is several blocks further away. We somewhere missed an email from Martina about the hotelchange, so I planned all these little trips from the old hotel. So yeah, Melrose Ave was quite a walk but not too much.
Ha! we walked about an hour before we reached Melrose instead of the 25 minutes from the other hotel. Stupid me! Well blame my exhausted brains. And at least I walked off all those extra chococake and Reeses calories. (oh Reeses...MMmmmmm...)
It was not an very exciting walk, but we did see a sign for a yardsale so we went there and though they didnt have any exciting things, I thought it was fun to finally be on one! (on an American one I mean) the people who's yardsale it was were very friendly, made fun of my Yumyum Donuts coffee I was holding and approved the fact that we were walking around here instead of on Hollywood Blvd (we might do that later, uch, uch :-D

The other information that wasnt right, was that the fun part of Melrose starts at Highland. I cant remember wich street it does start, but it was several blocks further. We tried to figure out the bus a bit for the way back but didnt succeed, so we'd had to ask.
And then finally there we were again! Ahhh, I just felt at home again right away. Ran in the first second hand shop, as I'm looking for western boots, and allmost had the same experience as Baltasar had in the guitarroom on sunday, it was too much too handle! They had so many nice things, for reasonable prices, and so many BOOTS!! Nothing what I was looking for but I had good hopes.
In the meantime I arranged to meet with Guessy at the Starbucks down the street.
I'm not going to bore you with shopping info but goodness, those shops!! All the superfantastic shoes ever together, aww. Unfortunately very expensive, but fun to look at. And a Doctor Martens shop that looked like a museum. SO MANY!! The coolest ones!!
And all those super vintage shops, whith great collection, for reasonable prices, unlike the vintage shops we saw in New York last year. I saw so many great things, and all of a sudden ... The Perfect Boots... everything was right, exept for the fact that eventhough it was my size, I couldnt make the angle.
I know that some of you (esp men!) cant understand how you feel when after years, you're holding the perfect boots for only 35$ in your size, but you cant get in, but I know the girls out there will! I allmost started crying and refused to give them to Robert who wanted to put them back on the shelf :-D
Man I really felt bad and had to tell myself there are worse things happening in the world etc. And the day was still young. In another vintage shop ROBERT found another pair of great boots (not the Perfect Ones but still fantastic) and they didnt fit either.
ZIPPER!!! Thats why we put ZIPPERS in boots, people!!! so you dont have to make the angle! SHEESH!!
Anyway, we knew the Shoe Goddess was working on it and she was doing her very best for me haha.

Off to Johns star at the Hollywood walk of fame now!! I hope we dont meet too many weirdo's, its still early...

more later!

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