vrijdag 3 februari 2012

San Francisco afternoon in the sun

HOWDY from San Francisco!!
So here we are again! Slightly I'm realising where I am...
The 12 hrs flight was long but we had fun, a bit of sleep, some drinks (some had quite some drinks ;-) and for some reason (Uwe thought it was because the recent solarflame activities if Im correct) we had to take a detour and we CROSSED ICELAND!!! wow!!! Though we only saw snow, mountains and mountains with snow, it was quit a thrill! Then we headed for Greenland, of all places, but allthough there were no clouds, we never saw any land. (or snow or green).

But we saw a friend on our way :-)

Had a chaotic and buisy first afternoon. First allmost an hour to get through immigrations, then picked out for a bagage check, nice! (actually the guy was dutch and nice) Everything went well so far, but its hard to keep a group of 12 tourists together in a big city :-)
we just went for a walk to Fisherman's Wharf as some of us wanted to see the Hardrock Café, it was a nice walk in the sun. Down at the water in front of Ghirardelli Square, I was standing on the beach (and my camerabattery died, sorry, no pictures of tonight from me) listening to the water hitting the shore, the screaming of the sea-birds, and the afternoon sun shining on the water, it just felt like a lovely peacefull summer afternoon.

We walked to HRC, had a good meal (with extra fries! thanks, but hello calories!) - *update: I got the extra fries because our waiters namebadge touched the dish with fries when she reached over the table to put something down. I didnt really pay attention on it, but she came back later with appologises and new fries) - and as most of us are tired and jetlagged, we walked back afterthat. I knew we would see a Trader Joe's shop on our way back home so we stopped for water and fruits and beer etc. I want Trader Joe's at home!! (actually, it IS owned by Aldi...)
On our way back I tried to convince the group that up Leavenworth on Russian Hill was a nice way home (SF's streets pattern is very rectangular, for most parts it doesnt matter if you take the first street right or the next) but everyone got into a strike, thankfully, and we walked ahead till Van Ness. Oh just the idea of dragging our exhausted selfs up Russian Hill to Lombard street, just to find out we'd had to go downhill again :-S > Note to self: There are a lot of hills in San Francisco, but you can easily avoid them, esp when your hotel isnt on top of one :-D

Actually I should stop talking here as I dont have anything to say that really makes sense, I'm so tired, its early morning at home and I am still up, hope I sleep a bit and tomorrow a great day in SF.

we had a more than stunning view on the city from the plane, esp on the Golden Gate bridge!

Notice I am the only one not taking pictures :-D
Cool iron feature on a wall on Fisherman's Wharf

thats me, walking on the beach in front of Ghirardelli's, the first to escape the group ;-)

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