zaterdag 11 februari 2012

Highway 1, Donna and Herm, Guessy and... crazy shit in Los Angeles

I should go to sleep but I think it doesnt matter anymore anyway, I'm so tired!
(Also, I am sitting in a very comfy rockingchair, I've had enough of desks! This chair is just the coolest I ever had on a hotelroom) <<< also, this hotelroom is very cool. Good pick! And I'm sippin water from a GALLONbottle. Just so you know :-)

Oooh yeah and this too... they should close the zigzag part of Lombardstreet in San Francisco, and turn it into a huge slide!! Can you imagine? I can! woohoo!! (I only didnt figure out yet where you have to land)

We had to go up at 06.00 after a short night. We threw all our bags in the van (we have a slight problem regarding luggage and airplanes, we might have to buy an extra suitcase cos we have an unholy amount of souvenirs) Ottmar joined us and we drove off. It was still dark and I was too tired to be sad about leaving SF, so that was ok. We found the 1 easily and even in the dark it was clear that it was going to be very pretty along the coast, and in the east we got a glimpse of the sunrise.
We were going to have breakfast on our way and we passed a few mac donalds and I hoped and prayed they (the ones deciding where to stop) wouldnt stop there. The rest of our car also! But we stopped at a supernice bakery in Davenport, that had non stop locals walking in on their way to work. That included young hippies and old hippies and all sorts of other people it was a very relaxed place very local and nice and I was happy there.

As I wast able to have my yoghurt anyway (and as I had a lot of fruit allready) I decided to have some eggs an bacon too and it was very tasty. But I prefer yoghurt. And we really enjoyed the free-refill-system here in the US for the coffee!
When we continued we passed several small villages and they all had hippie shops and surf shops :-D Santa Cruz just looked beautifull with those wooden houses in different colors.
Even though we had a few coffees I felt asleep on an off soon. We have a saying this trip that goes "bad coffee is coffee too" and "In bad coffee is caffeine too" but I had my doubts about these coffees.

The coastal highway 1 is very famous and not just because. I never felt the need to do it, but I am extremely happy that I now did it. The first parts had lots of cliffs and views on huge waves breaking on the rocks, in the prettiest blue color ever.
We had a short stop in the town of Carmel where Clint Eastwood had been mayor (just the idea haha) and the view was stunning. we spend a long time staring at the rocks and the waves and feeling happy. In front of the rocky shoreline were little and big pieces of rock and the waves just danced around it and it was absolutely the prettiest thing I've ever seen near a shoreline!
This was just as it should be, it couldnt be more beautifull. All we wished for and more.
I had a feeling earlier this week that I stepped into a picture, but now I felt like I was walking (and driving) around in a postcard.

We saw the towns of Monterey, a song, and Salinas, a song, more songs were waiting for us down the road.
We passed the village of Harmony that had a population of 18 !! wow!! (the population is on the citylimits roadsigns, always fun to look at).
The scenery excisted out of rocks but also dunehills, some made of sand and some covered with all sorts of little funny plants we dont have at home. There were also farmlands and fields. And some old hippies on bikes.

Later on it got more steep and the road was more near the edge and the road was very curvey, and you could see miles of shore behind you and in front of you. I took most of the pics with Roberts cam but will post them when we're home.
We passed the famous Big Sur state park with lots of trees and creeks (maybe the same one all the time) and steep hills, and pretty old bridges from the 1930's.

I felt asleep a few times, and "all of a sudden" we stopped at a place where there werent mountains anymore. I felt out of the car and saw alot of people  looking at something and Robert said "there's cute seals!"
Well there were seals, but they werent cute :-D
(apart from a few babys)
they were huge and loud and noisy and smelly, oh and they werent seals but Elephant Seals

going to bed now I'm slowly sliding out of my chair. More later!!

And these two cuties were sunbathing together there too!

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  1. So glad you all made that drive down Highway 1. It's the greatest road in America, bar none!