zondag 12 februari 2012

hectic sunday Pt 1

the last thing you wanna see when you cant find your boyfriend, is a hurd of LAPD BOMBSQUAD cars!!! :-S
Goodness I was worried! but he was at the hotel, and I dont know what the bombsquad cars were about.
Also, apart from that, the LAPD firetrucks are as big as 3 Belgian ones...

Had a lot of fun this morning around the star with everyone! Dissapointment of the day was Hot Topic, that wasnt as cool anymore as it used to be (or maybe I grew up ;-)

Going to buy a suitcase now cos we collected a crazy amount of souvenirs :-D
After that we're going to have diner at the HOB!

Someone out there that wants to piggyback ride me around?

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