donderdag 9 februari 2012

Berkeley, El Cerrito, gambling with my life in Tilden Park, and weird souvenirs :-D

Had a great day. I am still covered in mud from Tilden Park (for the geeks) from looking for the spot of the picture on the back of the BRR album. That quest had us climbing over fallen trees, slipping through mud, almost falling in lakes, and I had to lift up my skirt to my waist to be able to climb on rocks, but we found it :-D Great afternoon with Jeff again and his girlfriend Sarah in the sun!
And a great morning with freaky souvenirs in Fantasy studio and a great tour through the studio's!
Also we got our second ticket: we ran through a red light as we choose to follow the others who ran through orange (hello! ;-) DAMN!
More tomorrow, we'll be leaving tomorrow early :-(
I still feel like I have to go out and see a bit more of the city (at least "zigzagstreet" as we called Lombard street all week, its only 3 blocks from here) as soon as all these people get the ef out of our room!! :-)
well it wont take long before the neighbours start complaining :-D

Tommorrow we'll go down to LA via the 1 and visit Donna and Herm!

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